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As I make my transition into a full-on vegan lifestyle I am trying to find new cruelty-free beauty products to replace the stuff I have been using most of my adult life. I would have loved to have thrown out all the old mean stuff in one dramatic fell swoop, but unfortunately I don’t have enough money to replace THAT much stuff all at once. Yes, I am a typical girl with more toiletries, make up and beauty products than any one person should need, but whatever. Luckily I already had a ton of vegan eyeshadow made by my awesome friend Mary at Gothcupcake, so it was just everything else in my medicine cabinet (and numerous make up bags) I needed to replace.

A few weeks ago LivingSocial (kinda like Groupon) had a deal for 100% Pure, a company that boasts being vegan and free of yucky toxins (check out their FAQs), so I had to go for it!

What I got:
Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer w/ SPF 20
Creamy Liquid Eyeliner
Fruit Pigmented Mascara
Cucumber Eye Cream Gel

My order shipped super fast (bonus points!) and the packaging is really cute! I’m going to preface this review with the fact that I am super picky about my liquid eyeliner and found the perfect one years ago. It’s going to be tough to find a suitable replacement, but the suffering of animals just isn’t worth my vanity. With that said I’ll start with the good first.

The tinted moisturizer is AWESOME. Because it is fruit pigmented it smells absolutely amazing. The coverage is light and airy while still evening my skin tone. I also love that it has SPF to protect my sensitive pale skin. This is definitely my new staple. The price is comparable to department store brands, but you can feel good knowing that this choice is cruelty-free and there are no harmful toxins soaking into your bloodstream.

The cucumber eye gel is also a superstar. I put mine in the fridge so it’s nice and cool when I put it on at night. I also like to dab a little bit under my eyes in the morning before I put on my make up. It helps to get rid of that “I hit snooze 17 times and I barely had time to get ready for work” look.

Now the not so good…

I wasn’t super impressed with the eyeliner. It could be that my standards are too high, but I just loved the applicator that came with my old eyeliner. It was kind of like a felt tip pen and I had perfected the use of it to make the perfect cat eye. Other than the applicator, I found the formula to be a little clumpy. I haven’t completely given up on it yet, I’m going to keep playing with it, but in the meantime I’m going to keep looking for a new favorite.

My feelings on the mascara are almost the same as the eyeliner. I don’t like the brush it comes with; I much prefer the nylon bristle mascara brushes, and this one is more like a hair brush. The formula goes on clumpy, but I blame the brush for that and I can make it look good with my trusty little metal eyelash comb. It also tends to flake a little once dried. I’m going to continue my search for a mascara as well.

If any of you lovelies out there have a suggestion for cruelty-free eyeliner and mascara I would love to hear it!

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