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Vegan Interrogated: Laura

Name: Laura Location: Texas Website/blog: A little about yourself: I’ve been a dietary vegan for 3 years, but before that I became a vegetarian when I was 4 years old. I love knitting and working out. Favorite meal to make: I really love sushi, and even though it’s not hard to make, a lot…
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I Am Vegan, Hear Me Roar

As orginally posted on on January 19, 2012Just FYI – HappyCow is AWESOME!! If you haven’t already, check it out!! I’m a Libra so it’s in my my nature to attempt to keep things around me calm and zen-like. I don’t like confrontations or heated discussions. I prefer to not make waves or upset…
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Vegan, Interrogated: Mary

Name: Mary Location: Phoenix, AZ Website/blog: A little about yourself: I have been vegan for over 5 years, I love hiking, horror movies, baking vegan goodies and all things artsy! What made you decide to go vegan? I was inspired by my friend Scott who was Vegan and his “V” Vegan baseball hat. I…
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