Monthly Archives: June 2014

Vegan in Maui, HI

Significant change is always followed by renewal and growth. If you’ve been following along you know that my life took a major turn this year. While it was emotionally trying, just like a Phoenix that rises from the ash, I have emerged stronger and with a clarity I didn’t have before. Many good things have come from this upheaval – one of which was a trip to Maui!!
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VEEV Crazy4CoconutColada Instagram Contest!

Happy June y’all! The weather is hot hot hot and I’ve been spending a lot of time by the pool (slathered in sunscreen of course) daydreaming of my upcoming vacation (more on that later!). I’m sneaking away to a tropical island and nothing gets me in the mood better than an icy cold adult beverage. My beloved VEEV has just released their VitaFruit Coconut Colada flavor which is the PERFECT libation to conjure up visions of white sand beaches and crystal blue waters.
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