A Lovely Sunday

Some days I wake up and still can’t believe we’re in L.A. It’s the middle of winter and the sun was shining bright and warm enough for a tank top and capris. Can’t beat that!

The husband, both dogs and I headed out to Malibu to meet my friend Josh and his dog Buster for some hiking in Solstice Canyon. It was the first time we had taken our dogs hiking and I was a little worried they wouldn’t like it. Willow hung in there, but Henry LOVED it, he was jumping through streams and climbing rocks like a champ.

The hike was beautiful, it went along a little babbling stream and up past not one, but two, remains of houses that had burned in previous fires. Heartbreaking as it is to think about losing all you own in a fire, the “ruins” as they call them look beautiful and haunting set among the trees. The first is called the Keller House which was a little stone cottage built it 1865.

The second was the Rogers Ranch house built in 1952, the original design incorporated the natural surroundings including creeks, trees and waterfalls. There are still fireplaces, old stoves and bathtubs littering the foundations. It would be a great place for a creepy ethereal photoshoot!

All in all it was a great Sunday getting some exercise in gorgeous surroundings with excellent company. Man, I love L.A. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of the things that make you happy 🙂

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