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Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week already? I’m sure at this point you guys have your menus planned and are looking forward to sitting down with family to a compassionate meal. Holiday gatherings can be tough for vegans sometimes, given that the centerpiece of most dinners is turkey and the majority of us aren’t blessed with vegan relatives. Just remember to show compassion for everyone in your family and bring delicious vegan food to wow them with.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Farm Sanctuary Adopt a Turkey 1

A lot of people don’t realize that turkeys are smart, social animals. They play, they make lifelong friends and like all other living creatures possess a desire to live. I’ve visited sanctuaries and had a turkey climb onto my lap and fall asleep while I scratched her neck just like a dog would. Yet people consume these beautiful birds without a second thought while the idea of eating a dog horrifies them. It’s a strange strange contradiction. Just like the popular slogan “Why love one and eat the other?” What makes one ok and the other atrocious? Is it simply upbringing and the general cultural acceptance of society? I don’t have the answers, but I’m getting off topic about what I really want to talk about and that is the GOOD you can do this year by adopting a rescued turkey from Farm Sanctuary!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Farm Sanctuary Adopt a Turkey 2

You can help one of the most amazing rescue organizations while celebrating the life of a turkey (not the consumption of it) this Thanksgiving! I even added this to my Vegan Holiday Gift Guide as an excellent gift idea to do in a loved one’s name. Find out more about each turkey’s story and personality by visiting Farm Sanctuary and watching the short video below!

Happy ThanksLIVING everyone!

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  1. Cadry

    What a sweet story about the turkey climbing onto your lap and falling asleep! My favorite part about spending time with turkeys is finding their ticklish spot and making them laugh. They are such curious and social birds. One of the best parts about going vegan has been having the opportunity to know animals, who were destined to be someone’s dinner, in a new way. Sanctuaries are such rejuvenating, restorative places – for the animals they save and for the humans who get to visit them.


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