Bodhi Kosher Thai

I love, love, love Thai food so I was extremely excited to discover Bodhi Thai a few months ago. It is vegetarian (with lots of vegan options) and kosher. The restaurant sits in a tiny little strip mall and parking can can a challenge, but they deliver as well! Vegan items on their menu are clearly marked so it makes ordering easy.

I always get a starter here, usually either the spring rolls or the samosas (can’t go wrong with fried food!). The spring rolls are awesome, crispy and filled with veggie goodness. The last time we went, I opted for the samosas. They’re good, but a little too small in my opinion. I like my samosas large and packed full of potatoes! But these are tasty for sure.

My husband is a creature of habit and will always get pad thai. Bodhi’s version is good (I stole a bite), but a little on the sweeter side than other pad thai’s I’ve had. The husband seems to like it.

I tried something new this time around and went for the Spicy Noodles (pan fried thin rice noodles sauteed in spicy sauce with basil leaves, carrots, onions and bell peppers). I was SO glad I did, this dish was amazing. Perfect amount of spice and large chunk of tofu! So good.


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  1. Kari

    I love Thai food too, and can’t believe I didn’t discover it until I was an adult. I’m impressed you tried something new because I am terrible at doing that, but it looks like it paid off – gorgeous dish!


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