Chicken & Waffle Sandwich with Maple Mayo

There are times in my life when two completely unrelated and random thoughts hidden deep within my psyche collide and something wonderful is born. This is one of those times. One aspect of my everyday life that I didn’t pay much attention to and a nonchalant comment from the husband almost 3 years ago were the two main influencers of this simple yet epically delicious Chicken & Waffle Sandwich.Β 

Fellowship of the Vegetable Chicken & Waffle Sandwich 1

I live a few blocks from the famous Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood and drive past it pretty much every time I leave my neighborhood. Though I have never actually eaten there, the popular combo of sweet maple drenched waffles and savory fried chicken (vegan in my world, of course) has always intrigued me. There are vegan restaurants in L.A. that serve a version of this dish, but I have never actually ordered it. It seemed a little too decadent for me, like a little too much of a good (yet totally bad) thing. That’s a lot of non-green food on one plate. But still, that intrigue had buried itself deep into the depths of my mind until the right time presented itself for it to resurface.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Chicken & Waffle Sandwich 3

I don’t know what exactly sparked my memory, but last week I recalled the very first vegan dish I made on the very first day I went vegan almost 3 years ago now: Belgian Waffles. They were good. A little dense and not overly sweet and I remembered my husband describing them as waffle shaped bread. Lightbulb. What if I could make those waffles again and use them as bread for a mouth watering chicken sandwich?? That way I could add some lettuce and tomatoes and not feel completely guilty or over-indulgent: genius.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Chicken & Waffle Sandwich 4

So that’s exactly what I did. I made those Belgian Waffles again, only this time I left out the apple sauce and almond extract to make them even less sweet. After cooking I let them cool a bit and then sliced them lengthwise to have two pieces of “bread”. I cooked up some of my favorite Gardein Seven Grain Crispy TendersΒ for the “chicken” part of the sandwich. Sliced up some organic tomatoes, tore up a few big leaves of green leaf lettuce and then added the final touch which was absolutely the element of this dish that tied it all together and made it one of the best damn sandwiches I have ever had: maple mayo. Oh yeah, you read that right. All I did was take 2 parts vegan mayo and 1 part maple syrup and mixed it all together and spread on each slice of waffle. Heaven. HEA-VEN.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Chicken & Waffle Sandwich 2

I’m always surprised when something I make turns out tasting good, let alone amazing. So I was patting myself on the back as I was scarfing this thing down while wishing I had made a second one for myself. It had the perfect blend of sweet and savory and the veggies added wonderful texture and freshness. Just writing this is making me drool a little. I have a feeling this will become a frequent brunch dish in this household and I’m not even remotely sad about that.

What is your favorite go-to brunch dish? Tell me in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Chicken & Waffle Sandwich with Maple Mayo

  1. Hannah

    I LOVE a good vegan biscuits’n’gravy. Even though I was raised in the south, I never really had the dish before going vegan. Then one random Sunday i ventured to make some, and I’ve never looked back. I’m pretty busy these days, so now I have it at our only vegan brunch spot in town (Fern Flavors of the Garden). I get it almost every weekend!

  2. Mom

    Well you’ve done it again honorable daughter! You never cease to amaze and delight me with your yummy recipes!!!!!!!

  3. Cadry

    This sounds fantastic! I love the combination of salty & sweet, and the maple mayo takes it up another notch for sure! One of my favorite things to get at Madeleine Bistro was the chicken seitan & waffles.

  4. Nixx

    Holy hell. This sounds amazing!!!! You’re on fire!!! πŸ™‚

    I just learned to make sausage gravy vegan-style, and it makes my belly smile πŸ™‚

  5. Andrea

    Next time I make waffles I’m going to see if they can be sliced into sandwich waffles. I hope so! What a great idea. Waffle bread. Huh! Waffles are my favorite brunch.

  6. Vegyogini

    I’ve lived in LA my whole life, work not too far from Roscoe’s, and also have never eaten there. I had the chicken and waffles at Madeleine’s once and wasn’t in love because it was too greasy for me. But…this sandwich looks and sound so good! I might break out my waffle iron one day and make it myself.


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