Chocolate Chip Cookie & Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ok y’all – I had a rough week and usually when I’m having a bad time I turn to sweets. I figured this would be a great opportunity to channel my sweet craving into a Vegan MoFo theme post! What could I do on the cheap that was gluten-free and really hit the spot?

Fellowship of the Vegetable Vegan MoFo 2013

Well, as I was wandering around the devil’s playground The Whole Foods in Glendale I came across some of my favorite cookies (Eat Pastry) and knew they had an excellent gluten-free chocolate chip variety: SOLD!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Banana Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Eat Pastry

But what could I do to jazz them up a bit???

Wanting to get the hell out of dodge as quickly as possible (I have never seen so many angry, miserable, rude people in one place before!), I remembered I had some frozen bananas in the freezer and the light bulb went off. Ice cream sandwich cookies!! I checked out as fast as I could and sped away (there may have been a finger involved on the way out, but I plea the fifth on that one) to get home to make this wondrous treat.

Everyone is always talking about making ice cream out of frozen nanners so I figured now was the time to try it out. Hot dang – it works! And I am feeling like a genius for matching these two up. Plus, it made my day a little bit better 🙂

Fellowship of the Vegetable Banana Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich 2


Price Breakdown:
8 TBSP Eat Pastry GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $2.44
1 Organic Banana $.30
1 TBSP Almond Milk $.03
Total: $2.77 or $.69 per sandwich (makes 4 mini sandwiches)

What are your go-to comfort foods when you’re having a bad day?

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