EVO Kitchen & My First Vegan Meet-Up

In keeping with the spirit of trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone, I went to my first vegan meet-up last night. This is a group I found on MeetUp.com (my new favorite website) that gets together occasionally to eat amazing vegan food and get their drink on (my kind of people!) They were definitely a fun bunch and it was great to meet some like minded folks in my area. I even met the guy who runs happycow.net!! How cool is that?!

Last night’s event took place at EVO Kitchen on Sunset Blvd. They aren’t an exclusively vegan restaurant, but they have a ton of vegan options. They even created a little vegan menu especially for the event.

I started with the sangria…it was light, fruity and perfect. Then the husband and I shared the cheesy garlic bread with daiya (I had been looking forward to this all day!) and it certainly did not disappoint. It was gooey, garlicy and toasted just right. The marinara that came with it had just the right amount of tanginess, a perfect compliment to the bread. I must figure out how to make this at home.

For my entree I ordered the Mini BBQ Portobello Burger with daiya. These babies were little bites of happiness. The flavors of the sweet BBQ sauce, spicy onions and earthy mushrooms blended together like a dream. The creamy nuttiness of the daiya added another wonderful layer to these mini burgers of vegan goodness.

My husband ordered the Vegan Pizza with soy cheese, mushrooms and red & green peppers. It looked delicious, but unfortunately neither of us were a fan of the soy cheese 🙁 This pizza would have been perfect with daiya. The crust was excellent, thin and cripsy, so I definitely think we’ll opt for the daiya next time. Hubby looked happy though!

All in all it was a fun night full of good food and good conversation. I look forward to my next meet-up and my next trip to EVO Kitchen!

3 thoughts on “EVO Kitchen & My First Vegan Meet-Up

  1. kyliesmom

    YAY! Sounds like fun, and I know from experience how particular the hubby can be about food, although he’s always very polite about it…hehehe…I give him lots of kudos for being so supportive in your endeavor to eat kindly……I send you just as many kudos, if not more, for having the courage of your convictions!


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