Fōnuts: Vegan & Gluten-Free Deliciousness

I’ve never been a huge donut fan. Every year or so I would get a craving for one of those fried rings of dough covered in milk chocolate and upon consuming, without fail, I would feel disgusting. Stomach ache, heavy, gross. It seems a year was about how long it would take me to forget the aftermath of that brief indulgence. Needless to say, I was not a donut junkie.

For some reason when I went vegan I became determined to find an amazing vegan donut. Why? I guess, like a child, when there is something I can’t have or have limited access to, I want it more.

Ronald’s in Vegas, as many vegans know, is spot on in it’s creation of a classic donut gone vegan: fried, greasy and delicious. Three points against it though: 1. It’s not gluten-free (which I am trying very hard to maintain) 2. They are not even remotely close to healthy (it’s ok to splurge sometimes, but I was looking for something better) and 3. It’s in Vegas, a 4-5 hour drive from where I live.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Fontuts 1

Enter (fōnuts) (cue angels singing and rays of sunshine bursting from behind the building). Frickin vegan AND gluten-free baked donuts in flavors like vanilla latte, coconut passionfruit and peanut butter chocolate??!! Um, yes please. The first time I went I bought one of each flavor (6 total) and had to refrain myself from shoveling them in my mouth hand over fist – they’re THAT good. My absolute favorite is the banana cinnamon, it’s simple yet the taste is so fresh – like something your grandma just pulled out of the oven. These don’t taste like typical donuts (because they aren’t made like typical donuts), but the advantage of that is you don’t feel like a huge pile of useless lard after indulging in a couple. It’s the perfect breakfast (or snack) food to satisfy that sweet tooth craving.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Fonuts 2

Beyond the amazing concept and taste, every time I have been in the shop the employees have been as sweet as pie. They greet you with a huge smile and hello and just love singing the praises of the shop (a rare quality in an employee these days). The whole experience is refreshing. I will be back again, and again…and again.

Thank you (fōnuts) for existing.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Fonuts 3

3 thoughts on “Fōnuts: Vegan & Gluten-Free Deliciousness

  1. Pili

    I will go to LA and you will take me to this shop!! I must have those awesome (and GF!!!) donuts!! I’m totally drooling here!


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