Free Flow Friday 10/25/13

I failed at posting a Free Flow Friday last week, but I have a good excuse. I was in Canada for the husband’s family reunion (no, he’s not from Canada, don’t ask) and the wireless in the house we were staying in was awful. I guess when you have 20 people in one place all on their computers, iPhones and iPads the bandwidth can get a little abused. Plus we were busy having fun and I really didn’t want to be on my computer. So, I apologize, I hope you can forgive me.

This was a good week in Los Angeles! If you haven’t heard already the city council voted unanimously to ban the use of bullhooks within city limits. Bullhooks are cruel “training” devices used on elephants in circuses (and zoos sometimes – though the LA zoo banned the use of them awhile back). They resemble large fire pokers and the trainers beat, poke and intimidate the elephants into submission with them. It’s a disgusting practice. While I would love to see the use of animals for entertainment banned altogether, this is a huge step in the right direction and I commend Los Angeles for taking it.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Bullhook 2

I was lucky enough to be at the meeting and witness the events first hand. City Councilman Paul Koretz spoke in favor of the ban and showed an undercover video of how elephants are treated in the circus. There were a lot of tears in the fully packed room. The President of the council stopped the video half way through and proclaimed “I’ve seen enough, I’m ready to vote” to which the crowd erupted in cheers. It was all very moving and powerful. You can watch the news coverage video here (and you get bonus points if you spot me – I managed to make it into the video twice!). But here’s the screenshot in case you missed it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.12.52 AM

I really hope this spawns an awaking in the consciousness of general public and other cities take the lead to ban the use of cruel and harmful devices against elephants and all other sentient beings. Then maybe we can take the next step to remove animals from being forced to entertain us all together. You can read my past post on when I protested the Ringling Bros circus in Los Angeles a few months back. I used to think it was cute to see an animal doing an unnatural trick until I realized how ridiculously inhumane it is.  They are on this planet for their own reasons, their own purpose and it is not for the amusement of humans. Go to a movie for Christ’s sake or get out in nature and enjoy a hike. Let all the beautiful creatures of the world live as they were intended.

If you think I’m just spouting crazy here, do the research yourself. The circus organizations don’t give a shit about their animals, they are just a commodity. An instrument to make these disgusting greedy bastards money.

Does this look natural or comfortable to you?

Does this look natural or comfortable to you?

Ringling Bros. stated that they will not come back to Los Angeles – GOOD RIDDANCE! What does that say about them? Instead of trying to find a less sadistic way to treat the animals in their care (I use that term loosely) they would rather just take their toys and go home. I’m not sad they aren’t coming back (obvi!) but get a fucking clue guys. Maybe try reaching deep deep DEEP down to see if their is any humanity left in your souls and grasp that all living beings have feelings and they are not ours to exploit.

4 thoughts on “Free Flow Friday 10/25/13

  1. Lily Trahan

    I agree 100% there’s just no good excuse to force innocent animals into being used for our entertainment. It makes me sad to see people perceive places/events like the circus or Sea World as fun or even necessary so that humans can “learn” about the animals. These creatures have the right to be left alone as we all do. The last time I went to the circus was when I was 8, I took a ride on a baby elephant and started crying because I knew he was being forced into slavery for my enjoyment. Haven’t been back since!

  2. Andrea

    It’s great that Los Angeles banned bull hooks and won’t be seeing Ringling Bros again, but if only all animals could be safe and free from abuse. I watched a video on how baby elephants are ‘broken’ so they can be trained. They literally have their spirits broken so they won’t have the will to resist their tormentors. So sad.

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      I know, it’s disgusting. I wonder if we’ll ever get to a point where all of the animals can be free of exploitation and abuse 🙁

  3. luminousvegans

    That is great news about the banning of the bullhorns. And look at you all up in that video! But man, I can’t believe these barbaric practices are still around. Or that we still even have circuses. It’s 2013 for goodness sake. I thought we would be closer to being more civilized at this point.


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