Free Flow Friday 10/4/13

October is here – oh happy day!

October is seriously my favorite month and not just because my birthday happens to be in October (I’m getting too old to revel in those celebrations, but age is just a state of mind right?) I happen to love October because Fall is my favorite season, but most importantly: Halloween.

Anyone who knows me knows of my adoration for Halloween. I mean, one look at my year-round decor in my apartment and you’ll know I’m a little kooky for it. Skulls, ghosts, black cats, cemeteries…I’m obsessed with it all and honestly I have no idea why. It’s been this way since I’ve been old enough to remember.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Halloween Bookcase

I have a theory that because it was the first holiday I ever experienced, even if I was only 21 days old at the time, that it holds a special place in my heart. Halloween brings back so many special memories for me: dressing up as a kid and running around the neighborhood with my friends to fill up a pillowcase with free candy (come on, FREE CANDY!), flexing my craft muscles to put together costumes and decorating a table with my Halloween town.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Costumes

Some past costumes: Dead Secretary, Anime Butterfly Girl & Khaleesi

My fondest memory though is getting back to my childhood home after a night of trick-or-treating with my brothers and dumping our stashes in front of us to start the trading game. I’ll take two fun sized candy bars for 4 boxes of Nerds please. And then once the negotiations were over, trying to find the best hiding place for your candy because someone was sure to try to steal some of it while you were sleeping!

It’s such a silly holiday but I still adore it. I love the mystery that surrounds it, but also the nostalgia it conjures of younger, more innocent days.

I’m still trying to figure out what my costume will be this year. I have an amazing idea for my dog Henry, but no solid plan for myself yet.

What do you plan on dressing up as this year??

8 thoughts on “Free Flow Friday 10/4/13

  1. Mary Ciesynski

    I have been bouncing around a few ideas for this years Halloween costume. I’m thinking either Andy Warhol, Zach Morris from Saved By the Bell, or finally remaking my Elvira costume/wig.

  2. Adi

    Awesome! My birthday is on October too! (Oct. 7)

    I agree with you completely as well because Autumn is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite (other than my birthday) thing to celebrate. I remember my elementary school would have us parade around in our costumes with Halloween music. Then coming home after trick-or-treating, exchanging candy while “Tales From The Crypt” marathons are being played on the tv. *sigh* October is the best!

    I actually have fake arms/ legs and glow-in-the-dark spiders hanging by the window right now. 🙂

    I want to be a mummy this Halloween, but I want to actually make the costume and paint my face like a skull!
    Hopefully I get to make everything on time! And hope you find your ideal costume for this Halloween, your past ones are really cool. 😀

  3. Andrea

    My birthday is in Oct., too! But I’d have to say my favorite season is summer. Yay, summer. I used to have quite a stash of costumes and items to make costumes from since I needed to dress up for a particular annual Halloween party, but haven’ dressed up since coming to the PNW. I was at an estate sale today that was made for you — every ghoulish decoration possible, including a giant moving spider. There were a couple of things I thought we needed but my husband didn’t agree.

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      So many October babies – I guess a lot of people were bored in January 😉 I wish I could have been at that estate sale!

  4. luminousvegans

    YESS! I love Halloween and October too. At the start of the month I always declare to Neal that we’re only allowed to watch scary movies. I don’t do much in the way of decorating because in the past I never had much time but perhaps this year I will find some DIY things I can do. I love your bookshelf decorations. AND your Khaleesi costume is GORGEOUS! That’s what I want to be this year but I always flake out when it comes to dressing up because I never plan properly and don’t have the $$ to buy a costume. Maybe you can help me come up with a costume idea…I own a medium hot pink wig and short blonde (almost platinum) bob wig and that’s about it 🙂

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      DIY Halloween decorations are awesome! Pinterest is amazing for that sort of thing!

      With a pink wig you could be Jem from the cartoon or Crepes Suzette from Strawberry Shortcake (the new version)!


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