Free Flow Friday 8/23/13

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog over the past couple months. What I want it to stand for, where I want it go. I often question whether I should be doing it at all.

I feel my voice isn’t unique enough.
I feel my writing needs great improvement.
I feel a lot of things. Maybe too much.

But this little space I’ve carved out for myself on the internet means something to me. I enjoy it. I want to get better at it. I want it to mean something to others as well.

Up to this point I’ve attempted to keep this blog formulaic. Post a recipe, post a review, rinse, repeat. I thought that’s how it should be done. But I’m figuring out that doing it that way isn’t allowing my soul to be involved in the process or results. I’m losing me in all of this and after all, isn’t that the main element of a blog: the writer, the person, the me?

I want to continue to share the wonderful vegan food I make and the amazing meals I experience out in the world, because this is, first and foremost, a vegan lifestyle blog. But there needs to be more. More of my soul. More random musings and thoughts that help me connect with readers on a deeper level. I want to share my triumphs and downfalls. I want to hear about yours. I want to commiserate and celebrate with this community.

With all that said, this marks the first of my Free Flow Friday posts. Whatever is on my mind. Random. Not planned out and analyzed (well, maybe a little analyzed, I am me after all). Just sitting down with my laptop and typing whatever comes to mind. Every Friday.


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