Free Flow Friday 9/20/13

Friendships seem harder to come by the older you get. It’s easy when you’re in school and forced to be in close contact with people on a continuous basis, plus you have common ground to bond over. I was involved in a ton of activities and always felt surrounded by buddies which is comforting as a teenager.

High school - the good (?) old days.

High school – the good (?) old days.

Then there was a huge chunk of my 20’s where I didn’t really make any new friends at all and it was incredibly lonely. Everyone from school had gone their separate ways. I seemed to be stuck in this in-between phase – too old to hang with the college kids, but everyone else my age was starting families and we had nothing to relate to.

I managed to keep a couple of friends from school and work in my younger days, one of which has remained my best friend since 4th grade. Before internet, smart phones, and texting we could go months without speaking to each other, then pick up the phone and talk like no time had passed. Those are the kind of friends you know will be there until the end.

My BFF doesn't like to have an online presence so I have given her a disguise.

My BFF doesn’t like to have an online presence so I have given her a disguise.

Over the past five years, as I entered my 30’s, I became remarkably lucky to make some amazingly great friends. Some of which I met online through a crafting forum and we instantly bonded over our love of DIY and alternative art. I love these girls like mad, and even though we’re spread all over the country I know they’re there.

Trip to NYC with my crafty girls.

Trip to NYC with my crafty girls.

Another I met on a trip to the Magic Castle and we quickly became friends on the car ride over due to our mutual admiration of Neil Patrick Harris. We’ve had so many great times since that night: drinks, dancing, dinners, trips, weddings, celebrity hunting, photo shoots, parties…you name it.



Some came into my life by happenstance and I am grateful for their support and everything I have learned from them. You really get to know a person when you spend 10 days driving cross country with them!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Friendship


I’m learning, the older I get, that it’s not about how many friends you have but the quality of those you do have. I feel blessed to have some really amazing people in my life now and I wouldn’t trade that for anything (except maybe a million dollars, sorry guys, but mama’s got bills to pay 😉 )

10 thoughts on “Free Flow Friday 9/20/13

  1. Adi

    This blog post is so perfect for today! I’m meeting up with my best friend today (in about an hour!) after not hanging out for a long while (school, work, etc.) and I know what you mean about how it was much easier in high school.

    I’m only 20 years old, but I find it a little strange at first when 17 year olds in college want to hang out with me. Hahahah

    But anyways, the way you make special friendships with people reminds me a lot of my dad. He would help and make friends with so many people when we would go on road trips. 🙂

    Overall, I absolutely agree with you and love this post. Thank you for sharing this today!

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      Thanks for reading Adi! Have fun with your best friend today 😀

      It’s funny, I went back to college when I was 24 and all the 18 year olds called me “grandma” haha – needless to say, hard to make friends that way!

  2. Pili

    Great post!!

    I agree with you, one of my best friends I met in primary school, another in high school and the rest of my bffs I met in nursing school! Since then I have met some people I consider great friends online, and dude how I’d love to meet them properly and hang out! The friends I have are as dear to me as any of my own limbs and maybe I can count them with both hands, but all my fingers are truly dear to me, as my friends are!

  3. Amanda

    It was so easy to make friends as a kid, but I am finding it easier now that I am in my 30’s. I finally have a group of people that I have met that are truly like me. As a teenager, I was the only vegetarian in school and I felt like no one else. In college it was just me and John (my husband now). Then, I found a whole community of vegetarians and vegans and eventually became vegan. I could finally be myself! How freeing!

  4. luminousvegans

    Lovely post! I totally agree that it is more difficult to make friends as I get older. There’s something about being young and experiencing the same things at the same time (like college, living on your own, etc) that creates instant friendship. I also agree with quality over quantity!


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