Free Flow Friday 9/27/13

Since I tend to talk about my dog Henry a lot (he demands a lot of attention) I thought today I would share with you my other furbaby, Willow. Willow is, in a nutshell, pure love. She wants nothing more in life than to just sit next to you and snuggle. 

Fellowship of the Vegetable Willow 1

She does this thing. The cutest thing in the world really. Where she will be laying next to you and suddenly lift her head until she’s almost in a back bend and just stare at you until you return her gaze. As soon as you do she dramatically flips herself onto her back in complete submission and belly rubs just have to happen.

Breaks my heart every time.


Willow is the kind of dog where you can leave the apartment for 2 minutes and when you walk back through the door she acts as if you’ve been gone for years. I’m never without a joyous homecoming with Willow here. It does wonders for my mood, just dissolves any negativity that may be in my head.

It’s funny, when we first adopted her she and I didn’t really bond. She was definitely a daddy’s girl (and still tends to flirt with any man in her presence). But her and I have developed a deep love for each other over the years. It happened slowly and steadily and I think that makes us respect each other more.


Willow also has special powers. I have seen people who do not like dogs at all completely melt and fall in love with her (I mean, what’s wrong with those people anyway?!).

She just has this overpoweringly sweet soul that no one can resist. My easy, adorable, love filled little Baby Girl.

9 thoughts on “Free Flow Friday 9/27/13

  1. Andrea

    Willow sounds like a very special dog (in a world full of special dogs, of course). Your description of her reminds me a lot of my sweet girl, who I plan to feature on the last day of mofo. Thanks for sharing Willow with us — gave me an extra dose of sweetness today. She’s adorable.

  2. luminousvegans

    Willow’s pics put such a huge happy smile on my face! She is too cute. Nikko, our female pup, took a while to warm up to either of us initially. She definitely is more lovey-dovey now, but she’s definitely more stand-offish than her brother. Sooometimes she’ll get all cuddly like Willow and that’s when I just have to stay absolutely still and bask in her furry love.

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      Aww, doggy snuggles are the best. That’s how my other dog Henry is – not a big snuggler at all so on the rare occasion when he does I try to not move a muscle!

      I love the name Nikko!

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      Hahaha, I’m pretty much used that 😉 I think Cindy spent more time with Willow than us last time she came to visit!

  3. Cadry

    I love the picture of Willow in total abandon, waiting for some belly love. My favorite thing about companion animals is their sense of priorities. They know that nothing trumps cuddling and treats. They really have it right.


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