Gluten-Free Baked Falafel Wraps

I’ve been craving falafel something fierce lately but I really didn’t want to be consuming anything deep fried (I’m trying to watch my figure y’all!). I’ve made baked falafel in the past from a mix, but this time I decided to be all domestic and do it from scratch. That way I would have complete control as to what went in it, and I could keep it cheap & gluten-free!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Vegan MoFo 2013

I scoured the internet to try to find a good recipe but everything I came across seemed way too complicated for me – I like things easy, remember? So I just compiled bits of information from all the recipes I found and came up with my own. I consider this process my culinary training. Seeing what a bunch of other people do and then come up with my own way based on the info I’ve gathered. Much cheaper than actual school and so far it’s worked fairly well.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Falafel 1

I wanted a spicy sauce to accompany my falafel, but knew I would have to mellow it out a bit for the husband and came up with a srirachi aioli, kind of. At least that’s what I’m calling it.

Keeping on the gluten-free train, but also wanting my falafel wrapped up in something (because, as many mofo-ers would agree, food wrapped in other food is awesome), I opted for your basic iceberg lettuce wrap. I was going to go with collard greens, but they were a bit pricey and I wanted to keep the cost down.

*Side note: I haven’t bought iceberg lettuce in such a long time and I totally forgot how satisfying it is to whack that sucker on the counter to break out the core!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Falafel 2

Topped with diced cucumbers and tomatoes, this was the perfect flavor combination and I believe it took me all of about 30 seconds to devour mine and then kick myself for not making a bigger batch. Yum. For reals.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Falafel 3

1 can chickpeas $.89
1/2 small onion $.30
1 handful Italian parsley $.15
2 Cloves Garlic $.16
1 TSP coriander $.05
1 TSP cumin $.05
1/2 TSP salt $.01
1/2 TSP pepper $.03
1/2 TSP Crushed Red Pepper $.05
2 TBSP chickpea flour $.09
1 TBSP lemon juice $.30
1 TBSP olive oil $.12
4 lettuce leaves $.80
1/2 Tomato $.51
1/2 Cucumber $.75

Sriracha Aioli
3 TBSP Vegenaise $.50
2 TSP Sriracha $.07
1/2 TSP Garlic Powder $.04
2 TSP Lemon Juice $.10
1/2 TSP Black Pepper $.03
Total $5.00 or $1.25 per serving (4 wraps)

Gluten-Free Baked Falafel Wraps

By Kylie Bennett Published: September 16, 2013

    Baked vegan & gluten-free falafel in a lettuce wrap with sriracha aioli.



    1. Preheat oven to 350° and lightly grease a cookie sheet with 1/2 TBSP olive oil.
    2. In a food processor combine chickpeas, onion, parsley, garlic, spices, & flour and pulse while drizzling in the lemon juice until a paste forms. *I left mine a little bit chunky because I wanted to, but feel free to pulverize yours.
    3. Using remaining olive oil, a little at a time, oil up yours hands and form small patties with the falafel mixture. This will keep it from sticking to your hands, plus help brown your falafel.
    4. Bake for about 15 minutes on each side.
    5. In a small bowl mix Vegenaise, sriracha, spices & lemon juice until well combined.
    6. Assemble wraps by placing sauce, tomatoes, cucumbers and falafels inside a large leaf of lettuce.

      13 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Baked Falafel Wraps

      1. Andrea

        I remember the good old days with a dripping falafel sandwich wrapped in a giant flat-bread. Sigh. I guess if I can’t have that (gluten) I’d like to have your version instead. It sounds like the right amount of spicy and and toasty all wrapped up in juicy. I think you should have made more!

      2. Cadry

        This sounds terrific! I’d forgotten about whacking iceberg lettuce against the counter to remove the core. I don’t remember the last time I would have purchased iceberg lettuce! It makes for a pretty container for your falafel wraps. Great idea!

      3. luminousvegans

        This is a great GF idea! I’m not GF but I actually don’t like eating falafels inside pita because it’s like too much dry-ness in my mouth if that makes any sense. I like the idea of wrapping it in lettuce much better!

      4. GiGi

        Oh yeah, the whack! Just can’t do that with kale. I am kind of on the GF oil free wagon too so dig they way you came up with this to watch your figure 🙂

      5. Angie

        Awesome, I never thought of using lettuce wraps for falafel.
        Thank-you for breaking down the prices. I love dispelling the myth that vegan food has to be expensive.

        1. Kylie Bennett Post author

          It’s really amazing how many great meals you can make for cheap. It kinda makes me sick thinking how much prices are jacked up in restaurants!

      6. Jen

        Holy cow I love you! You kill me- plus genius vegan glutenfree self discovery. Wonderful. Following you now- cant wait for Falafel!!


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