Goals for 2014

We’re a little over one week into 2014 and so far the year is off to a good start! I don’t do traditional resolutions, haven’t for years, because I tend to not keep them and then feel bad about myself. I prefer to reflect on the past year, try to continue the good habits and work on changing the bad. For me it’s a time of reflection and renewal, a chance for me to think about where I want to be at the end of 2014 and what better place to share it than here on the blog!

Fellowship of the Vegetable 2014 Goals

I have set up some goals for this year and hopefully posting them here for everyone to see will give me some motivation and accountability (I’m all about accountability)!

  • First, and probably most importantly, I want to improve upon my health this year. Being vegan doesn’t automatically mean you’re healthy. There are plenty of processed, sugar-laden foods that happen to be vegan and if I’m not putting together a recipe for the blog, I tend to go for quick & easy which most often equals processed foods. My goal is to focus on incorporating more whole foods into my diet, cutting down on the coffee and gluten and making more meals at home. I’m kicking this off next week with a 5-day detox which I will write more about in a later post.
  • Second, and along the same lines, I want to become happy with my body this year. By this I don’t mean getting to the size or weight I want but learning how to love who am I, however I am, at any given moment. Yes, this will include exercising more because I am not happy with myself when I’m lazy and I’ve already incorporated more yoga and strength workouts into my weekly routine. Even though I may never be a size 2, working out makes me feel good about myself and doing it more will hopefully lead to an overall peace with how I look.
  • Third, this blog. FotV has become my daily labor of love and the growth it has seen over the past six months has been so exciting and humbling. This was a hobby at the beginning of 2013 but next month will mark a full year of me being out of the corporate world and the impact that has had on my mental health and creativity has been astounding. My goal is for that growth to continue and that the hits on this site will quadruple, which is going to be a lot of work, but I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and make it happen!

There are other smaller goals such as doing some traveling this year, reading more and volunteering, but the above are the majors. I’m counting on you guys to keep me honest!!

What are your goals for 2014?

10 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

  1. Rachel from The Vegan Mishmash

    Great goals! I too am trying to incorporate more whole foods into my diet, particularly by focusing on smoothies and salads. I’m usually bored by salads, but finding delicious, addicting recipes has been fun.

    Can’t wait to read about your detox.

  2. Ashley

    I can totally relate with your second goal…I am working toward self-love and acceptance at all times, and while I still struggle with it at times, I also know that it is easier to achieve when I work out regularly and generally take good care of myself. Aside from that, one of my other goals for 2014 is to declutter my home–I just know it’ll make me more organized and productive in every aspect of my life!

    Best of luck reaching your goals this year!

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      Those are great goals as well – I would love to declutter & minimize my possessions a bit too! Best of luck to you!

  3. luminousvegans

    I tend to be like you and steer clear of making grand sweeping resolutions because when I fail (which inevitably happens), I feel bad.

    I like the idea of continuing to reflect and improve. And I love all of your goals for the new year!

    One of the biggest things I am going to work on in 2014 and beyond is to always be present. I find when I juggle so many things, my mind is usually racing 1000 miles per hour and nothing gets done. Another goal, is to try and stick to a minimalist lifestyle.

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      I love your goal of being present, such an important one! My mind is usually all over the place too. Good luck to you on your goals!


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