Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. I don’t normally like to make a huge deal of it, but for some reason this year a lot of little celebrations are happening. I guess that is the result of my widening social circle 🙂

On Sunday I invited my family and some close friends to spend the day with me at The Gentle Barn, an amazing farm animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, CA. We spent a couple hours hanging out with cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, etc. And finished the afternoon with some delicious vegan cupcakes that my cousin Jana made, check out her awesome cakes at Jana’s Fun Cakes!

My cousin & I with Buttercup, the sweetest cow ever!
Me and the llama…he’s got his eye on me!
This is Portia, she was genetically engineering to be a fat Thanksgiving turkey,
and now she can’t even hold her own weight 🙁
This poor pot belly is blind because his previous owner did not know how to properly
feed him, he had zero protein in his diet.

Husband, cousins, friends and me!

AWESOME vegan cupcakes, I think the best vegan frosting I have ever had!

It was so much fun spending time with my family, friends and all the animals! I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend the day!

On Monday the husband and I drove out to Temecula where my mom and dad live and had an awesome Mexican fiesta with family complete with vegan tacos, homemade Mexican brown rice and margaritas! It was nice to have the immediate family all together, doesn’t happen often.

I could eat Mexican food everyday.
Vegan chocolate cake with spider & pumpkin sprinkles!

SO good.

Mom, dad and brothers.
Husband and brothers

Tonight I think the husband and I are going out for a nice vegan meal (post on that later in the week) and then Friday will be another dinner with friends and karaoke! Super busy week, but it’s worth it!

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