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Hello and welcome to my blog: Fellowship of the Vegetable. This is a blog about my journey as a vegan. I hope to showcase all the wonderful food I come across, people who inspire me along the way and any other random thoughts that may pop into my head.

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First, about me. My name is Kylie (aka FabulouslyFierce, aka Faboo). I’m a 30-something woman living in Los Angeles with my husband and two dogs. By day I’m an executive assistant, but my passion lies in running my handmade alternative home decor shop online: Fabulously Fierce Most of my nights and weekends are taken up by creating fun new things for the shop, but I do get out occasionally 🙂

I have always been an animal lover (kind of an understatement) and in April of 2011 I decided to finally make the move to becoming vegan. I wasn’t even a vegetarian at this point, though it has been about 20 years since I’ve touched beef. A couple of my friends who are vegan really inspired me to give it a try. I knew I had to make a small goal for myself to begin with so I committed to going completely vegan for one full week. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was a baby step for me. I armed myself with a week’s worth of recipes and Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet. I shit you not, after about 3 days I noticeably felt better. I had more energy. My skin was brighter. I just felt better all around. Then I started reading. Alicia’s book opened my eyes to so many truths I was not aware of about factory farms, the dairy industry and the impact of animal by-products on the human body. I was inspired and changed. I decided to stick with this way of life.

It hasn’t always been easy. Going out can be difficult, but luckily I live in L.A. where vegan options abound. I can honestly say that I have eaten some of the most delicious foods I have ever had in my life in the past 8 months. My palate has changed. I can savour flavors I never knew existed before. It has truly been a journey and one I look forward to continuing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to follow along!

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  1. ReLove Plan.et

    It’s always so awesome to hear these inspiring vegan stories! And more people need to get out there tell the world how amazing vegan food is too! Far too often people just think it’s gross and that all we eat is grass haha :p

    Look forward to following your journey xoxo


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