Curried Lentils Over Jasmine Rice

I’ve decided to keep up with my current curry kick and bring you another recipe featuring my favorite spice. This time I’m going for curried lentils. I found this recipe on Wikihow and based my recipe off of it, only tweaking it slightly. I fell in love with lentils about 4 years ago when my stepmother Maria made a huge pot of lentil soup for Christmas. That soup is still one of the best I’ve had, ever. Now I’m sure I had lentils before that point, but they obviously didn’t make a huge impact on me because I can’t remember them before that moment. 
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Vegetable Curry Fried Rice

Two of my favorite dishes when dining at Asian restaurants are fried rice and yellow curry. 99.9% of the time I will order either one of those, rarely straying from the norm. I’m ok with that. I love them both so why risk ordering something I may not like when I can be a happy little camper chewing through a smile on my tried and true favorites?
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Tofu Coconut Curry Polenta Pizza

A couple weeks ago we were invited to a friend’s housewarming party and he ordered a Thai Tofu Curry Pizza and it was AMAZING. Cheese-less, simple and spicy with perfectly cooked tofu (a little crisp on the outside, soft on the inside). I couldn’t stop thinking about it and even though it was not gluten-free I figured I could try to make my own version that was.
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