Kale Chickpea Tomato Hash

Happy First Day of Vegan MoFo 2013 y’all!! This is my second year participating and I was stupid ambitious enough to pick a theme this time around. All of my Vegan MoFo posts will be gluten-free and cheap! I always hear from non-vegans that one of things holding them back from making the switch is that they think it’s super expensive to go vegan. Not true. 400x84_g1You can eat healthy, organic and delicious vegan food and do so inexpensively. I learned that when I did a week long Extreme Vegan Cheapskate Challenge with another vegan couple. You can see the video on that HERE.

The trick is to look for deals, shop around, use coupons when you find them and most of allΒ plan ahead. I have always been the type of grocery shopper that walks into a store with no real idea of what I want to eat or cook and just start throwing things into my basket. No bueno. That can get expensive. Take a few minutes to sit down and make a list. Use the grocery store mailers to see what’s on sale (there is always organic fruit and produce on sale) and plan your meals around that. Buy bulk foods. I was shocked at how much money I saved by making my own pot of black beans at the beginning of the week.

Anyhoo, onto the recipe!! This was one of the super quick and simple meals I put together for the challenge and it was surprisingly flavorful. Organic kale happened to be on sale for 99 cents a bunch, which was awesome, but I will factor in the average regular costs for these recipes.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Kale Hash 2

Price Breakdown:
1 bunch organic kale: $2.50
1 can organic chickpeas: $1.19 – or buy bulk and make your own for less!
1 TBSP olive oil: $.12
3 cloves garlic: $.32
1 medium size organic tomato: $1
Total: $5.13 or $2.57 per serving (it makes two decent sized portions).

*People seem to laugh when I say “massage the kale” but it really does make a difference in the taste and texture. It takes away the bitterness and makes it less tough. Here is a pic of kale as it is, and then after it’s been massaged (really that just means squishing it in your hands a few times – no need for candlelight or incense, hehehe).

Fellowship of the Vegetable Kale Hash

Kale Chickpea Tomato Hash

By Kylie Bennett Published: September 1, 2013

    Healthy sautΓ©ed kale, mashed with garlic, chickpeas and tomatoes.



    1. Heat olive oil in skillet and add minced garlic. Cook for about a minute.
    2. Add kale to the skillet and coat with olive oil garlic mixture. Cook until kale starts to wilt then add in the chickpeas.
    3. Stir and mash the chickpeas (I used a big wooden spoon for this) with the kale until all ingredients are well combined.
    4. Add in chopped tomato and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Serve hot.

    33 thoughts on “Kale Chickpea Tomato Hash

    1. Liane

      Lol now I have a mental picture of a leaf of kale draped on a red satin bed, in candlelight and incense. My headΒ΄s autocomplete of sentences is still working perfectly XD

    2. Pili

      Gluten-free anything will always get my attention! And yeah I’m one of those guilty of giggling about the massaged kale, but it makes sense! πŸ˜‰

      My parents get their chickpeas from the farmer himself, so they we huge amounts of great produce for a very good price!

      1. Kylie Bennett Post author

        That’s awesome Pili – I bet they’re amazing! Everything tastes better straight from the farmer πŸ™‚

    3. Andrea

      Great idea for a theme β€” “too expensive” is a classic excuse for not being vegan. “Too hard” is another, and I started my blog to counteract that idea.

      1. Kylie Bennett Post author

        I love that there are so many blogs showcasing how easy it can be to eat compassionately πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!

    4. Dana Gramprie

      Hi Kylie,
      I love your theme and appreciate you showing folks how simple and delicious healthy vegan food can be. Oh, and 99 cents kale? I’ve never seen that here in Ann Arbor. Fortunately, I’ve got some growing in my garden!

      1. Kylie Bennett Post author

        Yeah, it was definitely a rare sale and the kale flew off the shelves! I wish I had a garden to grow my own in though, that must be heavenly!

    5. Cadry

      Great theme! I’ve heard so many times that people would go vegan except that it’s so expensive or that you’d need a professional chef to make the complicated meals. This is a perfect example of a healthy, inexpensive, and delicious dinner that can be made quickly in any kitchen. So you’re saying that I DON’T need to light candles and burn incense for my kale? Well, now I just feel silly… πŸ˜‰

      1. Kylie Bennett Post author

        You can do whatever you need to so that you and the kale both feel at ease. I was just saying that it’s not necessary πŸ˜‰

    6. Sabrina@earlymorningoats

      Haha initially I picked a rather ambitious theme then revised it to the commonly used ‘A-Z’ one. At least that’s flexible. The gluten-free and cheap theme is great! Ready-made gluten-free food products can be expensive and I’m excited to see what you have in store!

    7. Alicia

      99 cents a bunch! That’s a crazy good deal. This looks delish. I’m down for vegan gluten-free anything so I’ll be keeping the tabs on your posts. Cheers!

    8. June

      I LOVE kale and I LOVE chickpea. I gotta try this sometime!
      It’s funny I picked a similar theme too. I don’t do gluten-free but my theme for this year is also vegan food on a budget. Yes. Cooking vegan is not expensive or complicated!


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