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Lucifers tag line is Damned Good Pizza – and they ain’t lyin! While not a completely vegan pizzeria,  they do offer vegan cheese and lots of veggie options. One thing I love is their commitment to using fresh, locally sourced (when available) ingredients. They also have a gluten-free crust option.

Vegan Pizza Lucifers 4

The husband and I went to their Melrose location for the first time last night and the guy who helped us was awesome – super friendly. We told him we were vegan and he pointed out some good choices for us.

We started with an order of baked fries: SO SO good! They were cut thick, crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside – just how I like ’em! And I love that they weren’t full of nasty oil. If you’re thinking “pizza & fries?? you’re weird!” – then you’d be right, I’m not ashamed!

Vegan Pizza Lucifers 1

I ordered the standard veggie: vegan cheese, green bell peppers, mushroom, olives, onion & tomato. They also have a hot scale from zero to blazing to add spiciness to your pie and I went with medium. It was PERFECT. It tasted so fresh and the crust was crunchy and chewy in all the right places! I am so happy to have a spot to get good pizza not too far from our place.

Vegan Pizza Lucifers 2

The husband ordered the margherita and loved his as well (I did not taste it, but it looked fantastic). Just look at all that fresh basil!

Vegan Pizza Lucifers 3

I love trying new places and especially supporting restaurants that cater to vegans. If people see how easy it is to go out while being vegan maybe more will decide to make the switch!

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  1. Adi.

    Congrats on the new website, I love it! And this post already has my mouth watery. When I saw the fries my first thoughts were literally, “Mmmmmmmmm.” I think that pizza and fries can be a great combination, especially if the fries aren’t that greasy. I’ll have to try this place out soon; the pizza looks very delicious. 🙂


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