Natural Products Expo West 2014

After scrolling through my Instagram feed last Spring and wanting to cry for not being at Expo West, I was determined to make it there in 2014…and I did! Oh happy day! Or more like happy 3-day-crazy-marathon-of-fun-and-discovery!

If you don’t know what Natural Products Expo is, it’s a huge event featuring vegan, vegetarian and natural food and beauty product vendors all gathered in one gigantic convention center. It’s like the vegan promised land where all our favorite companies (and new ones) converge to shove yummy food in our face all day. You can check out the quick round-up videos that Veggietorials and I put together: the first one is on her channel and the second is on mine (we’re also running a contest giving away some sweet products & coupons from the Expo on YouTube, so be sure to check it out!) It’s hard to pick only a few favorites because there was just SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!



Some of the latest from companies you know & brand new goodies from ones you may not:

1. Daiya: debuted a smoked gouda cheese
2. Beanfields Snacks: new Ranch and BBQ flavors
3. Phoney Baloney’s Coconut Bacon: new flavors – Chipotle BBQ, Candied, Apple Fennel & low sodium
4. Gardein: debuted fish fillet & a gluten-free line
5. Lovebean: Superfood vegan chocolate fudge spread
6. Owl’s Brew: tea crafted specifically for cocktails
7. SoL Cuisine: Korean BBQ meatless chicken
8. Sophie’s Kitchen: debuted vegan Smoked Salmon
9. The Piping Gourmets: gluten-free & vegan Whoopie Pies

Fellowship of the Vegetable Natural Products Expo West Food

This was also the year of water: coconut water, maple water, olive water, black water but my absolute favorite was the artichoke water from Arty. It was slightly sweet, then transformed into a bit savory and the finish tasted like a baked artichoke. I know it sounds bizarre, but it was oddly refreshing.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Natural Products Expo Water

What I didn’t expect was to meet the all the kick-ass vegans who I’ve admired for like, forever. I felt like a total fan girl at times, but it was exciting to make new friends and spend quality time with old. Think what you will about the vegan community, but it is filled to the brim with awesomely friendly and supportive people. I was certainly feeling the love throughout! Can you name the vegans?! Hehehehe.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Expo West 2014 People

What products from Expo are you excited to try??

6 thoughts on “Natural Products Expo West 2014

  1. Andrea Zeichner

    Wow. The Expo sounds overwhelming! It’s amazing to think there are so many vegan and vegetarian products available compared to ten or twenty years ago. Seattle Vegfest is coming up really soon, and although it isn’t nearly as large as Expo, I’ll be curious to see what new products will be there. I kind of hope I’ll find the nail polish. 🙂

  2. Cadry

    So many good things!! This makes me really want to go to the Expo some year. I am already so in love with Phoney Baloney’s, I can’t imagine loving them more, but I’m really excited to try their new flavors (especially the apple fennel since you’re such a fan).

  3. Kayle

    How’d I miss this post? I agree totally about Expo…it was a fun-filled, overstimulation fest! Not sure if I was more excited about the products or the vegan peeps (you being one of them Kylie!). And I think I can name all of the vegans above, including ME! Keep up the good work and yeehaw!

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