Organic Vegan Embroidered Military Hats

As some of you may know, besides eating a ton of vegan food and blogging I also make things. I started my online shop for handmade home decor,ย Fabulously Fierce, back in 2008 (hence the name FabooFierce in a lot of my social media accounts). When I started Fellowship of the Vegetable I meant to keep it separate from the me-making-stuff endeavor but you know how things tend to evolve and I ended up opening up a FotV shop on Storenvy for my vegan themed items.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Vegan Military Hat

I am super duper extra excited to show you guys my newest item for the shop – embroidered hats! I have been sitting on these blank military style caps for a few months wondering what to do with them and finally inspiration struck. I wanted to make statement hats where you could show your choice for compassion loud and proud!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Vegan Lighthearted Hat Jason Wrobel

These hats are made from 100% organic cotton and are cute, stylish and most of all comfortable to wear. They are unstructured and adjustable so they’ll fit pretty much anyone and are great for guys or gals.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Vegan Graffiti Hat - Kylie

Right now I have two styles. The first I’m calling Graffiti as it has a funky font reminiscent of street art with a star in the A. You can order this design in the black hat as well.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Graffiti Hat Collage

The second is my Lighthearted design, with a softer more playful font and a heart in the A. This one is available in green too!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Lighthearted Hat CollageThe holidays are upon us and these would make excellent gifts for all the wonderful vegans in your life! You’ll be gifting something awesome while supporting independent business – it’s a win-win for sure ๐Ÿ˜€ Just be sure to order early as turnaround time can be up to 2 weeks in the busy season!

I have more designs and styles in the works but I would love to hear from you! What kind of designs would you like to see??

Special thanks to my awesome guy model – supervegan chef Jason Wrobel!ย 

6 thoughts on “Organic Vegan Embroidered Military Hats

  1. Andrea

    I didn’t know you made hand-crafted stuff. I visited your shops and really enjoyed browsing the merchandise. The hats are very cool. I sell stuff on cafepress and used to have a line of ‘kiss the cook’ merchandise that was impounded and shut down. It turns out there’s a cookware shop in Vermont called Kiss the Cook that has a copyright on the name! Granted, it doesn’t say ‘VEGAN kiss the cook’, but you might want to check that out. The copyright violation message I received was pretty intense.


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