Pitfire Pizza

The first time I had Pitfire Pizza was the day we moved to Los Angeles. After unloading the truck and about a billion trips up and down the stairs, we were starved. Luckily my cousins suggested Pitfire and we headed over to their West LA location.

I have to admit I was a little disappointed at first because I figured I would be stuck with a boring salad (not satisfying after a day of hard labor). I was delighted when I grabbed a menu and saw that they offered vegan cheese (and Daiya no less!). I swear I could hear angels singing. I ordered the margherita and let me tell you, a pizza never tasted so good. The crust wasn’t too thick or too thin and perfectly cooked with just the right amount of crispy fire-singed goodness. They didn’t go overboard on the Daiya which is always a plus and the tomato sauce was sweet and tangy. Pitfire immediately became one of our favorite places. Since that initial visit we have returned many times trying a numerous variety of topping combos, none of which have disappointed.

Last night I had an amazing dinner planned out: tofu and veggies stir fried in a General Tso sauce over spicy greens. I was very excited about this meal until I discovered the sauce had oysters in it – BOOOOO! So we needed a back up and decided on Pitfire (getting to lounge in your jammies while someone else cooks your food and brings it to your door is always a bonus). This time I went with marinated tomato and fresh basil and I added a generous sprinkling of crushed red pepper. It was YUM. My favorite combo so far I think 🙂

Overall this is a great place for some delicious vegan pizza, I highly recommend it!

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