Pizza Night! Sausage & Mushroom

After the hugely successful BBQ Chicken Pizza experiment a few weeks ago, Jason and I have declared Wednesday nights Pizza Night! in our household. Each week we arm ourselves with Trader Joe’s pizza dough (which may be my most favorite TJ’s product ever) and toppings of our choice. We have graduated from one big pizza to personal pan pizza’s so we can each make our own creation which has made for harmonious Wednesdays for sure.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Pizza Night Sausage & Mushroom 1

Usually the day is filled with texts back and forth about how excited we are for Pizza Night! and what we plan to put on ours (cut us some slack, this is exciting to us, we’re old ok?!). There may even be a secret Pizza Night! dance I do when no one is looking. That’s how much I love pizza, and being able to control exactly what’s in and on it is key for a vegan like me.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Pizza Night Sausage & Mushroom 2

This week’s creation was inspired by my favorite pizza from Cruzer’s in L.A.┬áSub the red sauce with olive oil and garlic, sprinkle on some vegan mozz then add sausage (I use Gimme Lean), portobellos and fresh basil. I added a spritz or two of truffle oil to it as well. Simple but delicious! Stay tuned for the next installment of Pizza Night! but in the meantime, let me know your favorite pizza creations in the comments below and maybe they’ll show up in a future Pizza Night! post!!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Pizza Night Sausage & Mushroom 3

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  1. Hannah

    Yum! We also eat a lot of pizza, and may even do a dance or two . When we lived in LA we ate Cruzer’s a lot, so I love the callback here. Thank you for that memory!


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