Recipe: Chocolate & Banana Protein Shake

I’ve been hitting the gym hard the past few months and even got myself a personal trainer. I look and feel better than I have in years and this makes me a happy girl.

My trainer wanted to discuss my diet with me to maximize my results and the conversation over my breakfast choice (usually Trader Joe’s Os and rice milk) proved to be a bit frustrating for him.

Trainer: You’re eating pure carbs for breakfast, switch to eggs
Me: I’m vegan, I don’t eat eggs
Trainer: then yogurt
Me: don’t do that either
Trainer: ok, how about a protein shake with whey powder?
Me: do you even know what vegan means??

At this point he became completely annoyed with me (he tried to play it cool but I could see it in his eyes).

Trainer: well, you are going to remain squishy if you keep eating carbs like that
Me: you know there are vegan body builders right? they must do it somehow
Trainer: they probably eat meat
Me: *sighs*

After that I went on a mission to find something protein rich I could have for breakfast because I knew it had to exist. I did some internet research and saw that there are plenty of vegan plant protein powders on the market. I went to my nearest hippy dippy health store and there just happened to be a rep from Plant Fusion there giving out samples. I tried all three flavors he had available: Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate Raspberry. They all tasted pretty damn good. I decided on the chocolate.

Long segway into the recipe, but here it is 🙂 This is super quick and easy and totally yummy.

What you will need:
1 cup non dairy milk (I like almond milk best)
1 medium banana (I freeze mine cuz I like my shakes cold)
1 scoop chocolate Plant Fusion powder (or any other vegan protein powder you want)

To make:
1. Pour your non dairy milk into the blender and sprinkle the cinnamon on top. I usually give it a couple shakes.

2. Add the protein powder and frozen banana.

3. Blend, baby, blend!!! Make sure you don’t have any large chunks of banana left (unless you like that little added surprise when you take a big gulp)! If your shake is too thick, you can add a bit of cold water to thin it out.

4. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

I was worried that this wouldn’t fill me up in the morning, but it actually does. I also have a lot more energy throughout the day! Plus, it makes my trainer happy. Now if I could just get over my addiction to bread and potatoes 🙂

6 thoughts on “Recipe: Chocolate & Banana Protein Shake

  1. Pili

    Carbs are not all that bad, no matter what your trainers says, too much protein can’t be that easily digested and can be a hardship on our kidneys! 😉

    But, that shake looks yummy!

  2. Gothcupcake

    I usually do pretty well with keeping my diet variable, but the last 2 weeks have been rough and carb heavy. I was bloated so much this last week and cranky as all hell because of it! This week I stocked up on kale, fruit and protein in the form of peanut-free soynut butter. I’ll have to look for that plant protein, because that sounds like an awesome breakfast! Thanks for sharing 😀

  3. Gothcupcake

    Oh yes, and to go off of Maria’s comment, carbs are what comprise the squishy goo your brain sits in inside your skull, getting rid of carbs altogether is not healthy at all! I had a phys. ed teacher in highschool wind up in the hospital for a month after going through a strict carb-free diet!


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