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The Los Angeles vegan community likes to talk. A LOT. What do they tend to talk about most? Food, of course! So I thought I was pretty in the know about all the vegan restaurants in the area, but for some reason I had never heard of Elderberries Cafe. Vegan, Organic, and Gluten Free options abound in this quaint little place on a quieter stretch of Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

The shabby chic decor with mismatched furniture and vintage looking dishes adds to the overall charm of the place. We happened to go on a Sunday where there was also live music (relaxing sounds strummed out on an acoustic guitar). Nice touch.

Upon arriving the owner offered us a free shot of elderberry juice, which I had never tried before and quite enjoyed. But this was definitely a coffee morning since Henry (my dog) decided to keep me up all night. I ordered the biodynamic french roast. What does that mean exactly? No idea. All I know is that it was a damn good cup of coffee.

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I was going back and forth between ordering the protein wrap or frittata and the owner helped me decide on the latter. Tofu, veggies, cashew cheese and corn chowder served with rosemary potatoes. This dish was pretty good. I wasn’t blown away but it was satisfying. The potatoes were actually the stand out, very rosemary-y, just how I like them!

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The husband ordered some sort of panini (maybe grilled veggie?), though I could have sworn he ordered the BBQ veggie burger *shrugs*. He seemed to enjoy it. I had a bite and it was good. Lots of flavor. Served with a small green salad. Nothing too fancy.

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At the end of our meal we were given a free Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Banana muffin which was AMAZING. Probably my favorite part of the meal. Moist. Perfect balance of banana and chocolate. I was shocked it was gluten-free it was that good.

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Service here was a bit slow, but that’s because there were only two people doing everything. Not sure if that’s a regular occurrence or they were short handed. They were both incredibly nice and accommodating though, and that always earns extra points in my book.

The one downside to Elderberries is that I think they’re a tad bit overpriced for what you get. Yes, it is organic and this is Los Angeles, but I think they could knock a couple bucks off the prices. Maybe I’m just cheap. Who knows. I will be back though, at least for the coffee and muffins if nothing else!

Have you tried Elderberries Cafe? If so, what was your experience?

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