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Vegans and vegetarians have it made nowadays being that there is no shortage of meat alternatives. The most recent I’ve tried is Neat. I was sent samples of their three varieties: Original, Italian and Mexican. What’s great about Neat is it’s soy free and gluten free, made only with nuts, whole grain oats and spices! Perfect for those who want an alternative to soy-laden, overly processed products!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Neat Review Packets

Neat comes in a pack with dry ingredients and you add water and egg substitute (I used EngerG, but ground flax would probably work nicely as well) then brown it up in a pan. This makes it perfect for traveling because you don’t have to worry about packing perishable items. Heading to grandma’s in the middle of bum frick nowhere and want to make sure you can make yourself a decent meal out there? Throw some of these in your suitcase and you’re good to go!

ellowship of the Vegetable Neat Review Street Taco 3

I was most excited to try the Mexican variety and figured a great way to test the flavor would be in a simple street taco. If you pay attention to this blog at all, you know that I have a love affair with Mexican food and have a few different recipes for tacos – likeΒ Portobello Walnut and Potato “Bacon”. I can’t really call these street tacos a recipe, because it’s just a couple simple ingredients thrown on a corn tortilla, but it still packs a flavorful punch!

ellowship of the Vegetable Neat Review Street Taco 4

I mixed up the Neat according to package directions – combine 1 pack of Neat with 2 egg substitutes and 2 TBSP of water. I noticed this gave me a very thick consistency and I was having trouble getting it to crumb up in the pan, so I added another TBSP of water and that helped tremendously. So if you decide to try this out, don’t be afraid to add a little more water to get your desired results!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Neat Review Street Taco 1

The Neat cooked up fast and I piled it on to heated corn tortillas and topped with fresh onions, cilantro and salsa verde. The flavor of the Neat was spot on! They don’t list what spices they use in the Mexican blend, but I’m assuming cumin, garlic, maybe a little chili powder. The texture is slightly gritty and pasty (for lack of a better word), but not in a bad way. The softness of it actually complemented the crunch of the fresh onions and I quite enjoyed it.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Neat Review Street Taco 2

I loved the ease with which Neat can be prepared and the short, simple list of ingredients. I think you could get pretty imaginative with it and I look forward to using it in different recipes. This product gets a thumbs up from me and I’ll be posting another recipe later in the week that I made with the Italian variety! Go check them out and purchase yours at

8 thoughts on “Review: Neat Foods Mexican Mix – Street Tacos

  1. Adi Robles.

    My dad and I used to eat tacos ALL OF THE TIME (my omnivore days)! I don’t miss meat, but I haven’t had a veggie taco in a really long time either. These sound pretty interesting. πŸ™‚

  2. Andrea

    We used to have bean tacos once a week back in the ‘olden days’, and I loved them. Not to mention that there was one day a week we didn’t have to think of what to make for dinner! I’m really behind on trying the newer meat alternatives β€” just can’t quite get there, yet, but maybe soon. I think the first one will be beyond meat, then maybe Neat. At least Neat doesn’t contain isolates.

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