Last month my mom and I went to Italy to visit my brother and sister-in-law (another post coming on that later). Our group went to a little town called Comacchio near the sea one day and my sister-in-law was on a mission to find a Sorbetini (sorbet & vodka) that I could drink. Unfortunately non of the shops had dairy-free options, so I was stuck sipping limoncello while the others enjoyed their delicious looking frosty beverages (whomp whomp).

Since that day I have been determined to make my own sorbetini and after getting a brand spanking new blender over the weekend, I went for it. Be warned, the recipe below is STRONG! You can make it less so by using 1/2 c vodka and 1/2 c juice or nectar. These are amazing on a hot summer day!

What you will need (makes 2 large drinks):
A blender
1 c vodka
2 c sorbet
1 c ice

1. Remove sorbet from freezer and let soften for about 5 minutes.

2. Add all ingredients to blender and blend baby blend until smooth.

3. Pour into cool martini glasses andĀ prepare for slight brain freeze andĀ tipsiness.

**These would be great with some fresh fruit skewers in them too!

PLEASE drink responsibly!!

6 thoughts on “Sorbetinis!

  1. Gynx

    1 cup vodka for TWO drinks? Haha I’d have to go with your half cup option… that’d still be 2 oz per drink.

    Sounds yummy!


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