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Free Flow Friday 10/25/13

I failed at posting a Free Flow Friday last week, but I have a good excuse. I was in Canada for the husband’s family reunion (no, he’s not from Canada, don’t ask) and the wireless in the house we were staying in was awful. I guess when you have 20 people in one place all on their computers, iPhones and iPads the bandwidth can get a little abused. Plus we were busy having fun and I really didn’t want to be on my computer. So, I apologize, I hope you can forgive me.
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Vegan Interrogated: Kendy

Name: Kendy/MissMuffcake Location: Modesto, CA USA Website/blog: www.missmuffcake.com A little about yourself: I am a 33 year old vegan zine maker, cat lover and tea drinker. I like spending time reading, doing yoga, cutting and pasting text, going to new places to eat with my boyfriend and learning new things! What made you decide to…
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Philip Wollen is My New Hero

I don’t need any more fuel to my vegan fire. I am passionate and secure about my choice. Every once in awhile though something comes along that just reinvigorates my beliefs and gives me hope. Philip Wollen’s speech at the St. James Ethics Centre and the Wheeler Centre debate in Australia on May 16, 2012…
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