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Free Flow Friday 10/25/13

I failed at posting a Free Flow Friday last week, but I have a good excuse. I was in Canada for the husband’s family reunion (no, he’s not from Canada, don’t ask) and the wireless in the house we were staying in was awful. I guess when you have 20 people in one place all on their computers, iPhones and iPads the bandwidth can get a little abused. Plus we were busy having fun and I really didn’t want to be on my computer. So, I apologize, I hope you can forgive me.
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Ringling Bros Circus: Barbaric and Unnecessary

The conditions and treatment of circus animals is disgusting. The fact that so many people still flock to these shows, hopefully unaware, saddens me. That is why I decided to join the protest of the Ringling Bros circus in downtown L.A. this week; Bringing awareness to the masses in hopes that they think twice next time the circus comes to town.
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