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Chicken & Waffle Sandwich with Maple Mayo

There are times in my life when two completely unrelated and random thoughts hidden deep within my psyche collide and something wonderful is born. This is one of those times. One aspect of my everyday life that I didn’t pay much attention to and a nonchalant comment from the husband almost 3 years ago were the two main influencers of this simple yet epically delicious Chicken & Waffle Sandwich. 
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Gardein & VeeV Holiday Cocktail & Cooking Class

Sometimes I feel so blessed for getting to experience incredibly cool events. The Holiday Cocktail and Cooking Class featuring Gardein and VeeV was definitely one of those times. I am kicking myself for not suggesting that my staff photographer (a.k.a. the husband) bring his camera, so sadly I had to capture the night with my iPhone. Loser. I know. 
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