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Blackberry Ginger Cocktail

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a cocktail recipe. I’ve been visiting my best friend and her adorable family this past week and it was the perfect opportunity to whip up a refreshing adult beverage to share with some of the best people I know! There was no premeditated thought that went into this drink, we simply used what she had on hand in her kitchen and the results were fantastic! 
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VeeV Pomegranate Ginger Cocktail

Hey, hey, hey it’s Friday night and that means it’s my favorite time – cocktail time (there’s good chance I’m a lush)! Last week I made some awesome cilantro mojitos using VeeV Açaí Spirit and they were yummmmmmmy! VeeV is my new best friend all time favorite spirit. It blends well with all kinds of mixers and the taste is so smooth. I’m having a blast coming up with concoctions for my Friday night Vegan MoFo feature. On to this week’s cocktail!!
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