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My First Juice Cleanse

A lot of people assume that being vegan automatically means you’re super healthy. Myth. There is plenty of junk food and processed vegan food in the world and unfortunately I’ve been eating way too much of it recently. Sometimes I like to eat my feelings and over the past couple months I’ve needed to eat my feelings…a lot. But enough was enough and something needed to change.
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Goals for 2014

We’re a little over one week into 2014 and so far the year is off to a good start! I don’t do traditional resolutions, haven’t for years, because I tend to not keep them and then feel bad about myself. I prefer to reflect on the past year, try to continue the good habits and work on changing the bad.
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Free Flow Friday: 11/22/13 Does the Universe Provide?

Me, my husband and our friend Thomas had an interesting discussion at the beginning of the week about the universe and it’s role in our lives. You often hear people (myself included) talking about how the universe will provide, or the universe will bring you what you want. This topic has come up over and over again in the past year for me and the people closest to me, so I wanted to go into it a little further. 
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Free Flow Friday 11/1/13 & V-Dog Winner

Happy Friday and November (November!?!) everyone! I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. Only two months left of 2013, a trying and transformational year for me personally. I look back at the past 10 months and I can’t fathom how much my life has changed in less than a year. But before I get into all that, lets get to the bag of V-Dog Breathbones giveaway! Random.org has spoken and the winner is…
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Free Flow Friday 9/6/13

It’s been a weird few weeks. Lots of soul searching and wondering if I’m doing the right thing.

It feels as though just when I think my life is on track, something goes wrong. I’m trying to stay positive, but some days it’s too damn hard. The more people tell me to trust that all will be ok, the more I want to crawl under a rock and hide from everything.
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