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L.A. Vegan Beer & Food Fest 2015

The Los Angeles Vegan Beer and Food Festival – by far my favorite vegan event of the year and arguably my favorite day of the year. It’s hard to explain if you’ve never been, but it’s just such a marvelous time. There’s a collective energy in the air of excitement and compassion and it seeps into your soul. This was the 6th annual and my fourth year attending and absolutely the best for a few reasons. 
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Sunday Funday: Vegan Brunch

I’ve been missing L.A. a lot recently. Like A LOT. I miss my friends and I miss the FOOD! So I thought it would be fun to take a drive up there for Sunday Brunch at one of my favorite spots: Gracias Madre. I dragged my mom along with me even though she’s not a huge fan of the city (but she does love brunch, sooo…) 
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Restaurant Review: Gracias Madre WeHo

When I left San Francisco almost 3 years ago there were two major things I was going to miss: my best friend Jen and Gracias Madre, a vegan Mexican restaurant owned by the same folks that run Cafe Gratitude. The thought of leaving behind those comforting delicious meals weighed heavily on my heart, but the plethora of vegan restaurants L.A. had waiting for me helped ease the pain a bit.
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Review: Donut Friend

It’s very rare that I get a hankering for donuts, but when the craving comes on it hits hard. The itch for sugary fried dough came on strong the other morning and in my brief insanity I almost proposed a drive to Ronald’s Donuts in Vegas to fill the need. Fortunately (or unfortunately) L.A. doesn’t have a ton of options for vegan donuts.
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Restaurant Review: Elderberries

Fellowship of the Vegetable Elderberries Review 1

The Los Angeles vegan community likes to talk. A LOT. What do they tend to talk about most? Food, of course! So I thought I was pretty in the know about all the vegan restaurants in the area, but for some reason I had never heard of Elderberries Cafe. Vegan, Organic, and Gluten Free options abound in this quaint little place on a quieter stretch of Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.
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Hugo’s Tacos

Hugo’s Tacos is a taco stand in Studio City that is part of a bigger L.A. group of restaurants that are extremely vegan friendly. The husband and I often go to the Hugo’s in West Hollywood for their great vegan breakfasts, but I heard that the taco stand had vegan soft serve, so I had to go….
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