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Giveaway: Vegan Organic Military Hat

Last week I debuted my new line of embroidered hats. They are a military cap style made from 100% organic cotton and come in two designs on two colors: green and black. They are embroidered one by one by me in my home – not in a sweatshop. I happen to think they are adorable and a great conversation starter and now is your chance to win one!
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Organic Vegan Embroidered Military Hats

As some of you may know, besides eating a ton of vegan food and blogging I also make things. I started my online shop for handmade home decor, Fabulously Fierce, back in 2008 (hence the name FabooFierce in a lot of my social media accounts). When I started Fellowship of the Vegetable I meant to keep it separate from the me-making-stuff endeavor but you know how things tend to evolve and I ended up opening up a FotV shop on Storenvy for my vegan themed items.
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Restaurant Review: Elderberries

Fellowship of the Vegetable Elderberries Review 1

The Los Angeles vegan community likes to talk. A LOT. What do they tend to talk about most? Food, of course! So I thought I was pretty in the know about all the vegan restaurants in the area, but for some reason I had never heard of Elderberries Cafe. Vegan, Organic, and Gluten Free options abound in this quaint little place on a quieter stretch of Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.
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Beyond Meat Tacos with Peach Avocado Salsa

One uninspired evening I casually wandered into the grocery store down the street; with no plan in mind I found myself in front of the vegan foods section staring at a package of Beyond Meat. I’d been hearing all the buzz around this miracle meat alternative for awhile now and was super curious to try it out.
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Video Review: Chipotle’s Tofu Sofritas

I know some vegans may not agree with me, but I have to give props to chain restaurants that offer something for vegans and markets it as such. The way I see it, if people who are toying with the idea of becoming vegan see that there are readily available options for them it may not seem so daunting. I love that Chipotle is marketing their new tofu option as vegan (and omnivore) friendly. Plus, according to their website the tofu is organic so that’s another bonus! Right now this option is only available in CA, but I bet if it’s successful it will be rolled out to other locations.
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