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Thanksgiving Foods That Are Harmful to Dogs

Thanksgiving day can be a blur of food, drinks and family. With so much going on, it can be difficult to pay attention to what your favorite furry companion may be getting into. There are a lot of popular Thanksgiving day foods that are very harmful to dogs and Dogington Post has put together this helpful infographic showing you what can be poisonous to your pooch!
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Adopt a Turkey from Farm Sanctuary

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week already? I’m sure at this point you guys have your menus planned and are looking forward to sitting down with family to a compassionate meal. Holiday gatherings can be tough for vegans sometimes, given that the centerpiece of most dinners is turkey and the majority of us aren’t blessed with vegan relatives. Just remember to show compassion for everyone in your family and bring delicious vegan food to wow them with.
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Apple & Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash & VeeV Sage Cider

A couple months ago I was contacted by VeeV and asked if I wanted to make a dish to pair with one of their signature cocktails for an upcoming feature. Without hesitation I gave them an emphatic YES! I love VeeV. As you may remember, during the month of September I made weekly cocktails using this earth-friendly Açaí Spirit: my take on a mojito, pomegranate ginger concoction, citrusy basil spritzer and a warm apple cider. Needless to say I was stoked at the chance to work with VeeV!! 
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