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Pizza Night! Sausage & Mushroom

After the hugely successful BBQ Chicken Pizza experiment a few weeks ago, Jason and I have declared Wednesday nights Pizza Night! in our household. Each week we arm ourselves with Trader Joe’s pizza dough (which may be my most favorite TJ’s product ever) and toppings of our choice. We have graduated from one big pizza to personal pan pizza’s so we can each make our own creation which has made for harmonious Wednesdays for sure.
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Vegan in Buffalo, NY: Pizza Plant

Technically it was Cheektowaga, NY just outside Buffalo, but close enough. The husband and I were kind of stranded at a Best Western just outside Buffalo airport for 24 hours with no car and only a Denny’s near us for food. We couldn’t afford a taxi to downtown Buffalo so after a little internet research we found a place called Pizza Plant a few miles away that had vegan options. Hurray!
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