Vegan in Buffalo, NY: Pizza Plant

Technically it was Cheektowaga, NY just outside Buffalo, but close enough. The husband and I were kind of stranded at a Best Western just outside Buffalo airport for 24 hours with no car and only a Denny’s near us for food. We couldn’t afford a taxi to downtown Buffalo so after a little internet research we found a place called Pizza Plant a few miles away that had vegan options. Hurray!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Pizza Plant 1

The place was adorable and felt like the perfect combination of a pizza joint and pub. Very East Coast. It was certainly cozy and welcoming on a chilly rainy night.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Pizza Plant 2

The menu was large and a bit overwhelming, but most of it didn’t pertain to us anyway. When we sat down, we told our server Missy that we were both vegan and she did an amazing job pointing out what was safe for us to eat. It’s rare that you don’t have to go through the list of things that are not ok to eat with servers, but Missy was on top of her game! She told us which products had whey and reassured us that their soy cheese didn’t contain casein. Bonus points for Missy, she was awesome!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Pizza Plant 3

After much back and forth between pizza, pasta and their famous “PODs”, the husband and I both decided on a POD, which is like a calzone, I guess? Inverted pizza maybe? We went with the build your own options and both ended up with a crazy good dinner.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Pizza Plant 4

Even though we went for the smaller PODs, they were still huge! Honestly though, we were both starving at this point and devoured a whole POD each. Ooops! So much for that gluten-free thing (it kind of went away all together while traveling and my skin and waistline are paying for it now). These babies were delicious and worth it though! Filled with all kinds of yummy vegan goodness like tangy pizza sauce, fresh veggies and vegan cheese all snuggled inside a warm garlicky dough. Oh man. Heaven. It’s ok to splurge occasionally, right?!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Pizza Plant 5

My POD consisted of vegan cheese, soy sausage, mushrooms, zucchini, chickpeas and banana peppers. Sounds a bit odd but it was an amazing combination. The chickpeas added a bit of girth to the meal and the peppers gave it just a little bit of kick. The husband went for vegan cheese, tofu, tomatoes, olives, spinach and soy sausage. I had a bite of his and my only recommendation would be to marinate the tofu in something beforehand. It tasted like it was just diced and tossed right in before baking. Not bad, just wish it was more flavorful.

All in all we were ecstatic to get a large filling meal the night before our flight and went to bed happy campers. If you’re ever in the Buffalo, NY area definitely stop by Pizza Plant and grab a vegan pizza or POD. Totally worth it!

7 thoughts on “Vegan in Buffalo, NY: Pizza Plant

  1. Andrea

    Yikes. When you can find vegan food this easily outside Buffalo, N.Y., you know veganism has arrived! I used to live in Syracuse, and Buffalo was never considered the hippest of places. I’m excited to hear they even had vegan cheese, and your server knew what it was. First Buffalo, next the world!

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      There weren’t a lot of options that I found, but my guess is it would be better in downtown Buffalo?? We were just really happy to find this place!

  2. Adam

    That is actually Amherst – not Cheektowaga.

    For other vegan foods in Buffalo try: Merge (downtown), Amy’s Place (by UB south), or any of the many Indian or Thai places.

    If you are in a rush and want tacos, Mighty Taco has some great vegan options also.

  3. Missy

    It was so great to meet you two! I’m glad you had such a good experience 🙂 And by the way, I’m totally digging your blog!

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      I”m sad I didn’t see you too 🙁 If I ever have money again I’ll come out and we’ll go to Farm Sanctuary together and eat lots of yummy food!


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