Vegan in Niagara: Bamboo Natural Food Market

The husband and I took a trip out to Niagara on the Lake in Ontario Canada this past week for his family reunion. We stayed in a gorgeous house right on Lake Ontario (all 20 of us!) and I had a blast getting to know all of his family a little better. We went to the falls, Fort George, a few wineries and did a lot of relaxing while taking in the surroundings on the back porch. Vegan options were few and far between, but we made due with what we had to work with!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Niagara on the Lake House

The first day we were there, we headed out to St. Catherine’s to hit up a health food store and stock up on vegan goodies for the rest of week. I came across a few different places on Happy Cow, but none of them had great reviews. After a Google search, Bamboo Natural Food Market looked promising so we decided to check it out.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Bamboo Natural Food Market 1

This was a small but well-packed store that had everything we needed to get us through the next few days. We spoke with the owners for a little bit, who were incredibly nice and knowledgable about the products they carried. Side note: Everyone in Canada is so pleasant, even the drivers, it was so refreshing! Though I found myself a little weirded out, being from Southern California I’ve become quite accustomed to jerky behavior.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Bamboo Natural Food Market 5

We loaded up on some Gardein products, Beanfields chips (you know how much I love these chips!), a little produce, a fresh baked loaf of oat bread from Rise Above (so sad I didn’t get to check that place out), Amy’s burritos, hummus and a lot of other goodies. We left with 2 solid bags of groceries and that peaceful easy feeling you get when you realize you aren’t going to starve to death anytime soon!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Bamboo Natural Food Market 2

Upon returning to the house, I made us some hummus, tomato and kale sandwiches on the fresh baked bread. Soooo good! The owner of Bamboo told us the kale was picked locally that morning. Awesome. This was a sufficient amount of fuel to get us through our next adventure: apple picking! A first for me and more on that in a later post.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Hummus Sandwich

It was super convenient to be staying in a house equipped with all the standard kitchen appliances. Some other meals we enjoyed from our Bamboo haul was almond milk smoothies, vegan taquitos, Gardein chicken sandwiches, vegan hot dogs and lots of coffee with So Delicious coconut creamer. This was truly a life saver and got us through a very fun week without too many “hangry” episodes! If you’re ever in the Niagara area of Canada, definitely check out Bamboo Natural Food Market!

3 thoughts on “Vegan in Niagara: Bamboo Natural Food Market

  1. Mom

    Nice! I’m glad you had a wonderful time and didn’t starve …..after taking care of six dogs while you were gone, I think I’ll rent that beautiful place for next week! Wanna come cook for me???? Sounds like you ate well! 🙂

  2. Bubba

    Honey, you know I love you when I correct you. The idiom is “make do”. Maybe they say “make due” in Canadia. 😛

  3. luminousvegans

    I’m glad you found this natural food store to keep you from getting hangry! I know how that goes. The place you were staying in looks amazing! I’m happy to hear that you got a chance to get away and relax.


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