Vegan Interrogated: Hannah from Lavender Lunchbox

I first heard of The Lavender Lunchbox when Hannah did a guest post on Veggietorials making an awesome kale salad. I hopped on over to her blog and was instantly drawn to her sincere writing and delicious recipes. Y’all should seriously go check it out, but for now read on to learn a little more about Hannah! 


Name: Hannah Joy Lehman
Location: Charlotte, NC
Where Can We Find You on the Web?
Instagram: llavenderly

How did The Lavender Lunchbox get started?
The LL has been a project in the pot for many years now. I actually started a food blog 5 years ago, but quit after 1 week when I got sick. I somehow talked myself into not being a writer, and not having good recipes to share. After many years of obliviously envying other food bloggers, I made friends with a gal who was just daring to put herself out there. One day I ran into her with my friend, and upon jokingly mentioning that she had my “dream job,” she looked at me and just asked WHEN I was going to write my own. I’m not sure whether to blame my pride, or the stern look in her eye, but a month later The Lavender Lunchbox went live.

What inspires the recipes on your blog?
I wouldn’t make what I make or try what I try if it weren’t for other food bloggers and writers out there doing the same thing. Food experimentation and a willingness to try new things certainly helps. However, the challenge I come across most is not how to perfect a recipe or how to make the most exciting dish, but how to incorporate my everyday life into the theme of the dish. The LL is just as much about living and breathing as it is about cooking and eating.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Charlotte, NC & what do you order there?
Luna’s Living Kitchen! It helps that I’m the General Manager there. Everything is raw and vegan! My favorite dish, even after a year of trying to branch out, is our Fire & Brimstone Veggie Burger wrapped in a collard leaf and dipped in our Hemp Dressing. The patty is made with quinoa, millet, and raw vegetables. We spread the collard with our raw, sunflower seed based Chipotle Hummus, avocado “salsa verde,” cucumbers, and our raw hot sauce. Then I dip it in our Hemp Dressing, which I jokingly call the “ranch” of raw vegans. It’s spicy raw amazing goodness, every time!

Tell us about a funny food incident that happened in your kitchen.
About 7 years ago, my best friend and I decided to try being vegan for 1 month. At the time, we knew nothing about cooking and there weren’t many places to dine out vegan in Charlotte. So we started by picking out a soup recipe and going grocery shopping. We parted ways to gather what we needed, and she came back to me with a basket full of garlic. When I asked her what it was all for, she replied, “the recipe called for 7 cloves of garlic.” I then taught her the difference between a bulb and a clove of garlic. I consider that the first cooking lesson I ever gave. It still cracks me up every time I think about it..

You’re throwing a party, what food do you serve your guests?
I’m a vegan pizza maven! I love to make my own pizza crust and love to experiment with toppings. I also recently discovered homemade cashew cheese. I started making it and adding a delicious spice blend from the shop in town, and it tastes like real cheese! Top any pizza with it, and your mind will be blown. The recipe and some of my favorite topping combos are on my blog, of course. 😉

Tell us a joke.
What do you call it when two pair of glasses throw a party? A Spectacle. (This is the one and only joke I’ve ever made up on my own, so I’m pretty proud.) 🙂

Thank you Hannah for letting me interrogate you!!

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