Vegan Interrogated: Lucy

I’ve known Lucy for roughly 20 years now. She is funny, smart and always a blast to hang out with (we hit up the LA Vegan Beer Fest together this past year). Lucy has always is a constant inspiration with her drive and determination to do what makes her happy in life. I was super excited to reconnect with her when I moved to Los Angeles and to have another vegan friend nearby. I am honored to introduce you all to Lucy!

Fellowship of the Vegetable Lucy Martire Yoga
Name: Lucy Martire
Location: Culver City, CA
Occupation: Actress/Yoga Teacher/Lover/Friend/Sister/Daughter

What inspired you to become vegan?
So, so, so many things. It was an evolution really, kind of a gradual process over the span of 5-6 years. I was a vegetarian/pescatarian for awhile and then I whittled down to just eating wild Salmon and goat cheese every so often. I use to refer to myself as being 98% vegan. Then I picked up a book called “The World Peace Diet” which raised my level of consciousness in so many ways that to not become Vegan after reading that book would mean that one would have to actively ignore and distract oneself from so much. It became impossible to separate what was on my plate from the pain inflicted to get it there. I simply do not want to be a apart of a system that inflicts, ingests and ignores the inherent cruelty that all animals must undergo in the name of taste.  What at first began as a definitively difficult choice, has morphed into a matter of course for me. Of course I don’t eat animals or products made from their excretions. That’s just ludicrous, and it amazes me that I ever thought of these living, breathing, feeling beings as food.

Do you cook a lot at home, and if so, what inspires your meals?
I’m FOREVER cooking at home. I’ve always loved to cook and sometimes get inspiration from re imagining meals from my childhood but mostly I just play. I rarely end up with what I set out to make. Cooking for me is an adventure and a meditation. The true inspiration behind making a meal for me is figuring out how many superfood, organic and nutrient dense ingredients I can use to make something delicious as well as healing for the body, mind and soul. Food is medicine.

You’re in charge of providing dessert at a party, what do you bring?
Vegan chocolate chip cookies. I’ve got this AMAZING recipe that never disappoints. Coconut oil replaces the butter for a rich chewy bite.

What is your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles and what do you order there?
My favorite restaurant in LA is hands down Veggie Grill. I’m in love with the B-Wing salad.

It’s 5pm on a Friday – what drink do you reach for? 
5pm Friday is just before I start my shift so I’m often making a chlorella/spirulina and watermelon shake for a boost of energy.

What has been your biggest take-away from living a more compassionate lifestyle?
My biggest take away would be that it’s not just about what you want out of your meal or off your plate, it’s more about the things that you include in your meals, where they come from and what was their impact on the world as a whole. For instance, I believe that being Vegan is a lifestyle choice that should match up with your values as a human being. I don’t eat meat or meat products because I don’t believe in other beings having to suffer so that I can satisfy some mere craving. Likewise, I don’t believe in eating genetically modified organisms because of all the suffering that that creates on a global scale from the farmer, to the land, to the pollinating insects that are disappearing due to GMO crops. Compassion should and must awaken your consciousness so that it extends ever outward. Eating organic, non GMO, sustainable food goes hand in hand with being Vegan.

Tell us a joke.
The only jokes I ever remember are probably not appropriate for this interview!

Thank you so much for being a part of Vegan Interrogated Lucy!! I hope all of you have enjoyed getting to know Lucy as much as I have enjoyed knowing her for the past 20 years!

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