Vegan Interrogated: Tamsyn

Name: Tamsyn
Location: UK

A little about yourself:
I’m a 23 year old vegan of 5 years, jewellery maker and all around craft-a-holic. I spend my time with my vegan partner and our furbabies Cali & Percy (jack russell and collie respectively).

What made you decide to go vegan?
I’d been vegetarian for about a year and it was just the obvious next step for me. As soon as I went veggie I started looking into animal rights a lot more, watching things like ‘Meet Your Meat’ etc (and eventually Earthlings etc).. i’d always been an animal lover (perhaps a misguided one at that) so the things I was seeing were completely devastating to me. I felt so guilty that I was still contributing to such a horrible industry and went vegan after watching 2 videos on dairy.

Who/what inspires you?
Other vegans, totally! I’m continuously learning from other vegans (and I hope some of that may work the other way too..) :).

Dumbest question someone asked you about being vegan.
Are you sure you’re getting enough iron/calcium/protein (insert nutrient here 😉 )? YES!
You can also use a nutrient checker like cron-o-meter to see where you’re at with your nutrient intakes 😀 – really helpful.

Do you have any advice for people toying with the idea of becoming a vegan?
Just do it! 😀 If you need any sources, these are always what I list when others ask me about veganism –
Gary Yourofsky –
Earthlings –
Dr Klaper, Foods that Kill –
Finding Vegan –

1 thought on “Vegan Interrogated: Tamsyn

  1. GiGi

    Great to get to know Velvet Volcano better, great interview ladies! I am so afraid to watch Earthlings even though I tell non-vegans to watch it 🙂


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