Vegan Interrogated: Whitney from Eco-Vegan Gal

Last April my friend Nixx sent me a link to and Whitney’s call for interns. I figured “why not?” and sent in my application. I heard back from Whitney the same day and was at her place working for her the next. Since then we have driven almost entirely across the U.S. together to go to Bonnaroo, had a Vegan Cheapskate Showdown, played vegan teens in Veggie Beat, ate copious amounts of food together and now go to yoga & TRX together a few times a week. Needless to say we hit it off! She is so inspiring and I’m proud to call her my friend…if you read on you’ll see why!

Name: Whitney Lauritsen
Location: Los Angeles
Where Can We Find You on the Web?

Fellowship of the Vegetable Eco-Vegan Gal 1

What came first, the eco or the vegan side of you?
Great question! I’d have to say the eco side because I have been recycling and conserving products for as long as I can remember!

You’ve been creating informative YouTube videos for quite awhile, what keeps you motivated?
Two big things keep me motivated. One, the community – every time someone tells me that one of my videos inspired them to go vegan, stay vegan, eat healthier, become more eco-friendly, and/or make the world a better place, I feel like I made a difference and that’s the best thing I could ever ask for. Second to that, it feels amazing to have this as my career – after many years of feeling unhappy in jobs, I’m finally doing something that feels exciting and rewarding every single day!

How much does your film background play into your videos?
A ton, maybe even too much! Sometimes it’s challenging to know a lot about production and post production, because I’m a perfectionist and that gets in the way of making simple videos. I critique every video I make, and often that stops me from filmming or uploading them. Although, when my videos do make it to the point of going live on YouTube, I’m grateful for my film background because of the creativity and production value I’ve acquired.

What’s your best tip for someone wanting to live a more eco-conscious life?
It’s simple, especially if you’re already vegan: just think about how your actions will affect the world and educate yourself. Mainly, before you buy a product, find out where it come from, who made it and what it’s made from. This might sound daunting at first, but once you learn the basics and the alternatives to harmful ingredients, it becomes easy to make eco-friendly decisions. For instance, I try to buy products that are locally made, fair-trade, non-toxic and from renewable resources like bamboo, solar power, wind energy. If you’re unsure about a product or company, check out their website before buying and considering contacting them with questions. And remember, just like going vegan, becoming eco-minded can take time to learn but there’s a great payoff!

Best meal you’ve ever eaten.
That is such a hard question to answer given the amount of restaurants I go to! Millennium in San Francisco reigns as my favorite restaurant and I’ve never had a bad meal there – I can’t leave without having their battered oyster or trumpet mushrooms.

Fondest kitchen memory.
Love this question! First thought that comes to mind is the first time I baked a cake by myself. I was probably around 10 and I was so proud of figuring it out without any help – I don’t even know if my parents were home at the time! It was an empowering moment that showed me how exciting and easy it is to make my own food.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Interrogated: Whitney from Eco-Vegan Gal

  1. Adi Robles.

    Awesome interview! I’ll have to check out the Millennium restaurant in San Francisco now for my next trip there! I’m such a sucker for new food. Hahah

  2. Hannah

    Great interview! Her philosophy about living an eco lifestyle is really inspiring. It can feel really daunting, but after 9 years of veganism I already know the tricks of mindful buying. I just need to change the details.

    Thank you!


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