Vegan Roadtrip to Bonnaroo

I had the distinct pleasure last month to drive from Los Angeles to Tennessee and back for the Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester. Whitney from Eco-Vegan Gal was nice enough to let me tag along as her co-pilot for her Ford Fiesta Movement mission – follow her adventures HERE. We had a BLAST and ate some amazing food along the way.

1. Phoenix, AZ: Our first stop was for dinner & dessert at Green and Nami. We met up with fellow vegans Mary & Scott and ordered some pretty fantastic food.

Gothcupcake & FabooFierce

Mary & I meet in person finally!

Green Vegetarian Phoenix

Texas “Moo-Shroom” Po-Boy

Nami Tsoynami

Insane vegan ice cream concoctions.

2. Las Cruces, NM: Before we headed out for a long day of driving we stocked up on snacks and started the morning off right with fresh juice from Mountain View Market Co-Op.

Mountain View Market Co-op

3. Dallas, TX: Our next dinner was at Spiral Diner in Dallas. This place was adorable and we were happy to have another filling vegan meal after a long day of driving. Plus we met up with two of my favorite people in the world: Cindy & Jeff.

Spiral Diner Dallas

Vegan Tacos

The “Ate” Layer Burrito (actually tacos)

4. Memphis, TN: After a few hours of sleep we were on the road again, stopping for lunch at the cutest little restaurant I have ever seen in my life – Imagine Vegan Cafe – down home vegan cooking in the heart of Memphis. Such a great vibe in this place!

Imagine Vegan Cafe

Appetizer Sampler

Appetizer Sampler

"Chicken" Sandwich with mashed potatoes.

“Chicken” Sandwich with mashed potatoes.









5. Manchester, TN: Bonnaroo! I was shocked at how much vegan & gluten-free food we found at the festival! I was imagining myself living off of french fries and Clif Bars for four days straight, but we definitely scored. Here are some highlights:

Bonnaroo Vegan Food 1

Spicy veggies & beans over rice.

Bonnaroo Vegan Food 2

Avocado Tacos

Bonnaroo Vegan Food 3

Kung Pao Tofu

Bonnaroo Vegan Food 4

Organic french fries

Bonnaroo Vegan Food 5

Quinoa bowl


Bonnaroo Vegan Food 6

Vegan Tamale


Bonnaroo Vegan Food 7

Veggie Stir Fry




Bonnaroo Vegan Food 8

Mushroom sandwich on sprouted bread



























6. Murfreesboro, TN: Needing another refill on healthy snacks for the road, we stopped at Pa Bunk’s Natural Market in the adorable downtown Murfreesboro. This place was so sweet and had a great selection of fun vegan foods.

Pa Bunks Natural Market

7. New Orleans, LA: We were lucky enough to find some vegan gumbo and bean & rice from The Gumbo Shop – traditional Nawlins dishes without the cruelty – awesome!



Vegan Beans & Rice

Beans & Rice

Kylie of Fellowship of the Vegetable

So happy to be in New Orleans!

8. San Antonio, TX: The first hit I got when I googled “Vegan San Antonio” was Vegeria – 100% vegan & gluten-free restaurant with a TexMex menu – SCORE! The people there were so nice and the food was great. Believe it or not L.A. doesn’t have a decent vegan Mexican food option, yet, so this was an exciting treat.

Vegeria 1

Potato, Corn and Poblano Flautas

Vegeria 2

Pineapple Grapefruit Cilantro Cupcake









9. Tucson, AZ: By a recommendation from Mary & Scott we stopped for lunch at Lovin’ Spoonfuls and had another wonderful gluten-free meal. Hands down the BEST gluten-free bread I have ever tasted.

Lovin Spoonfuls Tucson

Cashew Mushroom Pâté

Lovin Spoonfuls Tucson 2

Home Made Adzuki Burger

Lovin Spoonfuls Tucson 3

Asian Rice Bowl









Overall I was overwhelmed by all the amazing food we encountered along the way. With a little research you can find delicious and healthy vegan food practically anywhere. No restaurants? Look for a natural market and make your own, it’s really easy to stick to your dietary needs – no matter what anyone says 🙂

I also put together a little video tribute to Bonnaroo – such a wonderfully positive festival filled with incredible music.

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  1. Cary

    I fell in love with the quinoa Bowl at Bonaroo. I am desperatley searching for a recipie to recreat that dish… any ideas?


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