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I may have mentioned a couple times on the blog how San Diego is severely lacking in the vegan restaurant department. This may make local vegans here upset, but please cut me some slack, I came from L.A. – the land of endless amazing vegan food options. I was spoiled, so in comparison SD just doesn’t match up.

North County (where I live) is not a vegan paradise by any stretch of the imagination, but I am coming around to the more southern parts of San Diego. With Anthem Vegan serving up one of the best breakfast burritos I’ve ever had at the Hillcrest farmer’s market and the news that Cafe Gratitude has opened up a location in Little Italy, my heart is starting to grow a little fonder of this place.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Moncai Vegan 3

Recently San Diego Eater put out an article on the 12 Spots for Vegetarian & Vegan Dining and I’ve made it my goal to try every one. First up is Moncai Vegan. This quaint little spot in North Park has a homey feel and I was quite impressed with the food. Jason and I opted to head down there for Sunday Brunch and for $13.95 you get a huge meal consisting of vegan scramble, roasted potatoes, biscuits & gravy, tempeh bacon, fresh fruit and pancakes plus coffee or OJ. It’s a fantastic deal.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Moncai Vegan 2

Each component of the meal was delicious in it’s own right. The bacon was smokey, sweet and crispy. The scramble and potatoes added the perfect savory compliment to the fluffy pancakes. The standout to me though were the biscuits and gravy. I can’t remember the last time I indulged in such a rich delight, but it was well worth it.

Fellowship of the Vegetable Moncai Vegan 1

Beyond the cozy atmosphere and satisfying food, the staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. But do take note, they only accept cash so stop by the ATM before settling in for your meal.

I can’t wait to go back for lunch or dinner at some point, but first I must make it to the rest of the spots on the list:

1. Sol Cal
2. Cafe Gratitude
3. Jyoti-Bihanga
4. Lotus Cafe
5. Peace Pies
6. Plumeria
7. Loving Hut
8. Moncai Vegan
9. Sipz Fusion Cafe
10. The PurpleMint Vegetarian Bistro
11. Trilogy Sanctuary
12. Evolution Fast Food



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  1. Cadry

    That’s great that Cafe Gratitude is in San Diego now. They are really spreading around! I know what you mean about the spoils of LA. I’m always aware of how much I’m missing out.


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