Vegan Themed Kitchen Towels!

I’ve been running my handmade home decor shop for a few years now and recently decided that it was lacking in vegan pride items. So this week I fired up the embroidery machine and churned out a few of the ideas I had spinning in my little head (there are more in the works)!

All of these designs can be color customized and done on whatever kitchen towels I have available. I think they came out pretty cute and they’re a great way to express your compassionate choices in the kitchen!

Blue Cruelty-Free Kitchen Pig

Black Cruelty-Free Kitchen

Tan Compassionate Cook Kissing Cows

Green Compassionate Cook Kissing Cows

I worship Seitan

4 thoughts on “Vegan Themed Kitchen Towels!

  1. Gothcupcake

    We *need* the “I Worship Seitan” towel, when I first met my now boyfriend Scott, he signed all of his letters and e-mails with “Worship Seitan, Go Vegan!” 🙂


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