What I’m Loving this Fall

It was 90° in Los Angeles yesterday, so NOT Fall weather, but today it has cooled down a bit and I’m crossing my fingers that the cooling trend continues. I’m seriously ready to bundle up and put on my adorable vegan boots. With that said, here’s a little video I put together of some of the Fall inspired things I’m totally loving right now! 

Pur~lisse: http://purlisse.com
So Delicious: http://sodeliciousdairyfree.com/
Susan Nichole: http://bit.ly/186B8vM

7 thoughts on “What I’m Loving this Fall

  1. Adi

    Yes, the weather yesterday was not the business, but I walked around downtown later during they day because the buildings keep it fresh.

    I loved your video! I’m big on food and beauty products too. I don’t wear makeup (except a nice, strong lip tint) but I’m really prone to whiteheads so I like checking out organic and vegan skin products. So far I’m a big lover of Lush cosmetics & I’ll probably write a review on them soon.

    About the mint & chocolate, those are one of my favorite flavor combinations!! I was so jealous when I saw you drinking some. ;_; I have to go grocery shopping after this. Hahah And congrats on your win! I love the bag that you chose!! I’ve signed up every now and then for the weekly giveaway but I end up forgetting most of the time. Better get on it fast!

    Thanks for sharing your loves for Fall! 🙂


    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      The mint chocolate is the best! I found it at Whole Foods in West Hollywood. Unfortunately non of the grocery store near me have it 🙁

      I hope you keep entering (and win!) a Susan Nichole bag – they are SOOOOOO amazing!

  2. luminousvegans

    I loved watching the video because you’re so darn cute! I think a fall favorites video is such a cool idea! I’ve been wanting to do a video for awhile but get kinda camera-shy.

    I can’t believe that it is still so warm in LA! I hope that it cools off more for you so you can bust out the cute boots and scarves.

    I am going to have keep an eye out for that cranberry butter. Sounds delicious! I’ve had those baked snack o’s though and those are bomb! I was a big fan of funyuns pre-vegan too.

    And how awesome that you won a Susan Nichole bag! It is beautiful!

    1. Kylie Bennett Post author

      Thank you Ketty!! 🙂

      It has kind of cooled off here…high 60s, low 70s…we really don’t get very cold 🙁

      You should TOTALLY do videos because you are adorable too!!

  3. Cadry

    Congrats on winning a Susan Nichole bag! I’ve tried in the past but with no luck. Great choice, and I love your original green one too.

    Cute video!!


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